December 17, 2017

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  • Graham joined us in our bed this morning. I thought it was sweet and all until I realized that the only reason he was there was because he was bored since I had taken away his ipad today. He stayed until we got up and started hurrying around the house.
  • We barely made it to church on time this morning, and somehow when we sat down, Whitman was by me and Reagan. I do believe that he acts not his best when he is by me and Reagan tries to help but just ends up making it worse with him sometimes. We survived, which seems to be the motto of Whitman in church lately.
  • Afterwards, everyone went to Sunday school and passed out their teacher gifts. We had 3 teachers not there so we passed out our goodie bags to anyone else that we could find. Then we headed on to Nonna's house for lunch.
  • They had hamburgers, hot dogs and all of the fixings. I use (I think) Nonna's baked bean recipe but hers are always just so much better than mine. I love her beans so much that I just use them as dip with my chips. 
  • Pops gave me an early Christmas present today. Grannymom had given me one yesterday-a Christmas pillow. She wanted me to enjoy it before Christmas was over. My present today from Nonna and Pops was a box full of pears from Harry and David. The kids didn't seem as excited as I was when I opened the pears. They did all want the one pear that was wrapped in gold-I cut a none gold wrapped pear for everyone to enjoy. (I might enjoy the gold wrapped one tonight while Robby is gone to the movies and the kids are in bed.)
  • After lunch, the kids played a bit and then we all loaded up to go to Bass Pro to see Santa. We all piled into the van along with Nonna, Pops and Jason. They had already set their alarm and shut the garage. The doors of the van were closed and Robby was about to start backing up when Anderson shouted, "where's Whitman?" 
  • I probably should have made sure that he was with us! Jason and the boys jumped out and opened Nonna's garage. Jason ran to shut off the alarm and Whitman sauntered out of the garage. I guess he realized that he was the only one left and ran to the garage which was closed. That was about the time that Jason opened it, and he ran out. He did say that Nonna's house was beeping-a few more seconds and the alarm going off would have probably scared the dickens out of him. He didn't seem to realize how close he was to getting left today.
  • When we arrived we quickly learned that Santa was booked today, so we did get a ticket to see him tomorrow (not sure if we will go though). We personally knew the Santa there this afternoon so that is why we went. The kids weren't disappointed since we did see Santa yesterday. They all enjoyed getting to play with the toys there. Whitman's favorite thing was the kinetic sand that that looked like dirt. I guess I need to get a shovel and dig him up some dirt for Christmas.
  • We dropped Nonna, Pops and Jason off and came home. Once at home, it was laundry time. We were a bit behind but with everyone working, we quickly caught up. Then Robby and I took a nap while the kids played on their ipads, did some craft projects, watched football and some even did some school work. Campbell and Keaton actually finished most of their school work for tomorrow.
  • When I got up, I pulled out leftovers for everyone to eat. Once the kitchen was clean, we played Left, Right, Center which is going to be the game that we play at our Dennie Family Circle. Now, the kids know how to play. We played two rounds with Robby winning one and Reagan winning the other. 
  • Then we played the game that Whitman and Keaton have been asking to play for at least a week-Doggie Doggie Who has the Bow? (Usually, it is bone but this is the Christmas edition). We played that and then showers began.
  • One most everyone was finished with showers, Robby pulled out ice cream which they all enjoyed. Soon afterwards, Tony arrived to pick up Robby. He knocked, Robby opened the door, Tony walked in, and I screamed.
  • I think that Tony and Robby weren't sure what I was screaming about and the 4 kids in the room didn't see it either. But when Tony walked in a bird also flew in. It flew right in front of Robby's office and sat on the bench there.
  • Robby was relieved to see that it was not a bat and then he said, "we have to go." I replied with, "you are not leaving me here with a bird in the house." I am not sure if he was actually of thinking of doing that, but I did want to make it clear that that was not going to happen. I ran around to close the mud room door and had kids slamming doors all over the house. 
  • Robby and Tony cornered the bird near Reagan's desk and tried to trap it with a towel. After about the third attempt, the bird flew right back across the living room and through the open front door. That was much more excitement that we needed for the entire night.
  • Now, the entire time that Robby and Tony were working, Whitman was right beside them saying, "I have an idea." Finally, I asked him what his idea was and he said that we could put some bird food outside, the bird would smell it and fly out to go and eat it. I told him that that was a very good idea and maybe next time we would try his idea.
  • Soon after they left and things calmed back down, it was bedtime for my crew. I read a few Christmas books and then put everyone into bed. Now, I am headed to the attic to do some work so hopefully, everyone will stay in bed.

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