Christmas Ornament Countdown 2017: 2 Days until Christmas

Robby and I have climbed Diamond Head 3 times now-once as kids with our parents, once in 2004 and then again this year with all of the kiddos (click here for the blog from that day). We couldn't convince Nonna, Pops and Jason to go with us this time but we knew there would be lots of folks there so we headed off early in the morning.

We were shocked to see that the parking lot was already full but that didn't stop us. Robby dropped us off and had a cab follow him down the hill until he could find a parking spot. I started on up Diamond Head with the kids since I knew that we would walk a bit slower without him. 

He was quite surprised at how far we had gotten when he did finally catch up. The kids did great climbing up-along with Whitman. He needed someone to hold his hand often and Robby even carried him some. 

We made it and it was well worth the view. After we had taken in all of Honolulu's beauty, we headed back down. The items that I could make ornaments out of were pretty limited but Diamond Head was definitely a place that I wanted to remember.

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