Christmas Ornament Countdown 2017: 3 Days until Christmas

One of Robby's absolute favorite things to eat is shaved ice. Before we were married, there was a place on Shackleford that we would go to all of the time. I don't think that we even had shaved ice this year but we certainly made up for it in Hawaii.

We only had it once but we did have our shaved ice at the most well known place in Oahu, Matsumoto Shaved Ice. Everyone still ordered at least 2 or 3 flavors but we still weren't too adventurous since we didn't order azuki beans or mochi. I am not too sure what those are, so you will just have to look them up. 

It was a great day driving around the island of Oahu and eating our shaved ice in the North Shore. Here is the blog from that day.

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