December 26, 2017

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  • After yesterday's early morning, this morning was a bit more relaxed which was much needed. Around 9, Robby had Graham turn on the oven and soon we were serving up cinnamon rolls for breakfast.
  • Everyone enjoyed them but before they did eat, I had to wake up Keaton and Campbell who were the only ones still sleeping. Everyone else was upstairs playing some xbox game that Anderson received in his Christmas stocking. I am surprised that the girls were still asleep because the sound of them playing that game echoed throughout the house. There was lots of screaming and squealing.
  • When breakfast was finished, I threw Whitman's clothes on him and Robby, Whitman and I headed to pick up the Wilsons. The kids stayed at home and seemed to enjoy it their quiet time. Now, Graham did let me know that Campbell and Keaton were fussed at each other often. The kids found their own lunch-I can only imagine what they ate!
  • We hit up a few stores-Kirklands, Walmart, Kroger, Sams, At Home, Lowes and Target. I did buy two little signs at Kirklands, a few lights at Kroger and lots of candy at Walmart. We didn't find the one thing that Whitman was helping me look for-a Christmas tree.
  • Maybe we will find one soon somewhere that they are just giving away. Whitman did great possibly since we didn't hesitate to bribe him with candy and drinks. He did fall sound asleep on the way home though! Shopping is tough on a little guy.
  • Once at home, Robby helped Graham make a playlist for his google home and set up Reagan's fit bit properly. I played two games with the girls and did some cleaning. When it was almost supper time, Robby suggested that we go out to eat and to a movie.
  • We loaded up and used our coupons at Taco Bell and then watched The Greatest Show on Earth at the movies. It was really entertaining movie and everyone set spellbound through it all.
  • Once we made it home, the kids needed showers even though it was late. So we did that and then put everyone to bed. Tonight, Whitman and his tent is in the girls' room and Keaton and Campbell are in the tent with him.

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