December 9, 2017-Happy 11th Birthday (Party) Anderson

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  • Can someone tell me how Whitman can go to the doctor one day and get an all clear and the very next night, we put him to bed all sickly. The boy was hoarse, had a runny nose, a bit of a cough and possibly fever. We sucked his nose, made him blow his nose, gave him medicine and even a nasal spray before putting him to bed all while crossing our fingers that he doesn't get another ear infection.
  • Now let's begin with the morning. We had to wake up in plenty of time to get Campbell to the gym at 8:30. It was pretty hard to leave the bed this morning since Campbell, Keaton and Whitman all joined us. 
  • We made it in plenty of time even though the house was a bit wrecked when we left. Campbell's game was good. They lost by a good bit and she didn't score any points today, but she worked hard at guarding the opposing team.
  • After the game, all of the kids went to Dana's house to play. They had a big time playing basketball, working on a club house and eating chili. Whitman even stayed and spent some time playing but also watching a movie.
  • Robby and I ran home to straighten the house. Once that was done, I started on sewing some on the girls' Christmas present. I am a bit ahead of my schedule on preparing that gift-right now at least. Since it is a Christmas present, I had to put up my sewing machine and hide all of the evidence of my project. That of course is a pain since I will have to pull out that big machine a few more times to finish the project.
  • Around 1, I headed to Dana's to pick up the boys. I brought them their jerseys and they changed there. Then it was to the gym for them. This was picture day for the teams so everyone had to arrive early.
  • The boys game was better today. The boys didn't really get to touch the ball much but I think they had fun. The neighbors cousin was on the opposing team so that made things fun for Graham since they were guarding each other. Their coach was a bit calmer today even though they barely squeaked out a win.
  • After the game, Keaton and Campbell went home with Nonna and Pops and everyone else came home with us. On the way home, I ran by Old Navy to pick up a deal. They didn't have what I wanted but I ended up finding a present so that was good. Robby took the kids to Sonic for a treat, and then we met at the gas station to fill up our cars.
  • I am not really sure why this party seemed like I didn't have much to do but it did. Anderson and I worked on the icing for the lemon cake late this afternoon. Even though we didn't have much to day, Robby and I were still scrambling come party time.
  • Anderson could hardly wait for his party to start, and once even commented that next year he wanted his party to start at 5. The guests started arriving-Nonna, Pops, Jason, Grannymom, Grandpa, Andrew, Andrew, Ethan, Brody, Peyton, Grayson, Noah and Owen. Lilly, Cash and Dana had to leave early but Tony, Shannon and Brett arrived late. 
  • The first activity was eating supper-BBQ and the fixings. Then the kids did a lego fire walk. They started before I even knew it and I barely was able to take any pictures. Next up, they guessed how many legos were in a jar. 
  • Then, the races began. The boys made cars and raced them down the ramp. They loved it and could have done it all night long. After the first champion, we stopped for presents and cake. Anderson had requested cheesecake and lemon cake. I bought the cheesecakes so they were for sure good (and I have leftovers!) and the lemon cake was okay (Pioneer woman recipe but not my favorite for sure.) 
  • Anderson was delighted with his presents-all Legos except for a sleeping bag, blanket and glasses. If that boy has lego sets to work, he is a happy child. We did another round of races and the same boy won that round too. Whitman was second place and he screamed, "I don't want to be second, I wanted to be first." 
  • There were legos scattered all over this house when the party was over, but it was a successful party and worth the mess. The kids helped us pick up and everyone was in bed at a decent time. Tomorrow is another busy day around here. 

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