Christmas Ornament Countdown 2017: Merry Christmas

This Christmas morning we close our 8th year of our Christmas Ornament Countdown with an ornament from this April. It is a pretty fitting ornament since Noah's Ark, which we saw in Kentucky, reminds us that there is just one way for salvation. And since that one way for our salvation was born on this Christmas morning many years ago, I thought this ornament was a perfect fit.

Even though you have heard about Noah's ark all of your life, it is hard to imagine just how bit it really is. It is pretty mind blowing to realize that one family built the entire ark by themselves.

It was a great trip (click here for pictures from that trip) and I hope that we maybe can go back when there are fewer crowds. Our crowded trip did make me grateful that we weren't on the real ark packed full of animals. 

I hope you have enjoyed our Christmas Ornament Countdown this year, and I hope that you have a wonderful Christmas.

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