December 23, 2017-Dennie Family Circle Christmas

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  • At 7:20 this morning, I was walking out the door with Whitman in tow. It didn't seem like anyone was awake in the house until I was in the mud room and then could tell that someone, probably Graham, was upstairs playing on the xbox. When I grabbed Whitman from his bed to wake him up, the boys room was still dark but I guess my Graham was already awake.
  • Whitman and I ran by Pennys first since they were passing out 10 dollar off of 10 dollar coupons. We walked in, received our coupon and then turned right back around and headed to the car. Our goal was to be the first ones at the doctor's office and that we were. When another car pulled into the parking lot, we hightailed it into the office even though it was still 5 till.
  • Before 8, we were already in a room and soon the doctor was seeing us. Whitman was right when he said that his ear hurt. Indeed, it probably did-actually both ears were infected and the doctor even said that he had pink eye. (Though I think he just has more of a cold in his eye.)
  • The pharmacy didn't open for about 30 more minutes, so Whitman and I went back to Pennys to spent our coupon and when we walked in, the lady handed me another coupon, which Robby spent later in the day. After we made our purchase, we headed back to the pharmacy to pick up Whitman's medicine.
  • Once at home, Robby gave Whitman his medicine before he left to run some errands and I headed upstairs to work on Legos with Anderson. Earlier in the morning, he had text me about a time to meet him upstairs. I think he enjoys working on his Lego's with me and I sure wouldn't miss it.
  • We did finish this Lego vehicle. I have no idea what we made but it was some Star Wars something. Reagan wrapped two last Christmas presents and Campbell wrapped a birthday present for a party in January. 
  • Then I headed downstairs to fold some laundry and listen to Keaton read the last lesson of her reading book! Whoop, Whoop. I am so tired of that thing! I have been through it 5 times and am not going to take a break and will jump right in it with Whitman in January. Thinking about it makes me want to bang my head into a wall, but that book has successfully taught everyone to read so far so I guess it is worth it.
  • The kids ate lunch as I read a bit. Then it was chore time for everyone. After chores were finished the kids had some downtime before it was rest time. Since I knew that it was going to be a late night, I wanted everyone (especially Whitman) to have some quiet time. Everyone else settled in with their ipads but Whitman climbed into my bed with me. It took him a while to go to sleep and after he was asleep, it took me no time to fall asleep.
  • The kids had already taken their showers but I jumped in the shower. Soon, we were all loaded up and heading to Grannymom's house for our Dennie family circle Christmas. Les and Shelley were already there and Dana and her crew arrived about the same time that we did. Grannymom had everyone little presents and we drew numbers to pick our presents. (I opened some Skittles but traded for a tape measure since I always have to use Graham's or go to the garage to find one of Robby's. 
  • Then we broke into groups and played Left, Right, Center. Lilly won all of the quarters from my group and Whitman and Keaton's won in their groups. My Keaton and Whitman were thrilled to win their games. Then we ate supper-Grannymom had ham, so we made sandwiches and then there were more desserts than we could eat-and we certainly tried.
  • Josh played Silent Night as we sang along and then we opened presents. The kids were pretty excited about presents. I will hit the highlights-From me, Robby received a pair of jean, lights, and socks. Grannymom bought my present which was a pot holder, candle, and a work bench. Reagan said that her favorite present was a shopping trip with Dana and Lilly. Anderson's favorite was probably the Lego set. Graham said that his favorite gift was the hockey sticks. Campbell loved her watch and was even wearing it at bed. Keaton loved her sleeping bag and is in it tonight. And finally, Whitman came not wait to open up tent up. We will try to hold him off until Christmas night and then he can sleep in it all he wants. 
  • After presents, we sang another carol and then ate some more food. Robby went to work on his lights and trying to figure out Anderson's light up football. They finally figured it out and Whitman and I worked on his fire station. It was a pretty perfect Christmas and everyone enjoyed themselves.
  • When we finally made it home, the kids unpacked their stuff and laid everything out. Once Robby had hung up his new lights, we tucked everyone in while visions of sugarplums danced in their heads (nah, not really, they were too tired for anything but falling asleep.) 

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