December 6, 2017

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  • I hung a note last night above the ipads listing what everyone needed to do before they were to set down with their device this morning. It must have worked because I heard one of the boys helping Whitman get his breakfast. 
  • Even though the boys were on top of things, the girls and I were not. I felt like I woke up at the same time as usual on Wednesday but for some reason, I was scrambling. We made it in plenty of time this morning despite our last minute bagel making. 
  • The hallways at Immanuel are incredibly decorated. I would hate to be on the decorating committee but would love to put my dining room table in the middle of the hallway and have a big ole party. The kids were happy to pass out their Christmas gifts to their teachers and enjoyed having their little parties.
  • I wanted to go outside to the park but when I saw the temperature, I quickly changed my mind. The kids did enjoy Rock Creek for a bit and then they were ready to go. Candice took all of the big kids home (that would be 6 plus her Michael) and I took all of the little kids home (6 plus my Whitman.) 
  • Once at home, the girls turned on a Christmas movie and then eventually moved to a craft. I fed them a snack but spent most of my time folding laundry. We weren't really at home very long because I had to run to the library before church. 
  • Campbell and Keaton were asked to be in a video advertising Woven which will happen in February (maybe?). There were quite a few other girls in the video along with all of their siblings. Soon Candice arrived with the big kids who had spent all afternoon playing bored games. 
  • We ate supper at church-that family max is sure a steal. Plus my Campbell noticed the others at her table getting a take home box and she did too. She even brought her beans home. Ha! I then went around gathering everyone else's leftover ham and cheese croissants.
  • Next up was class for everyone. The little two are singing Sunday night and Reagan and the Ignite band are leading in worship as well I think that it will be a pretty full service. I picked everyone up and then headed home.
  • The kids changed into their pjs before a bit of downtime. Then everyone helped countdown to Christmas. The kids love this little tradition but all it kind of does is make me panic each night. I did go upstairs and paint some tonight but gracious, I don't know if I will get everything done. 

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