December 14, 2017

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  • I would have hit snooze a bit longer this morning but Whitman came in and took my phone to play a game. Since I was afraid that I would go right on back to sleep, I decided to wake on up. The boys were all awake, but the girls were snoozing when I went up to open their blinds.
  • Robby took Whitman to school. He was happy to go since it was lunch box day for him. He inspected his lunch and seemed pleased. (With no nut items, packing a lunch is a bit difficult for my nutella loving boy.) He also brought an oatmeal container with an oval and an octagon inside. It is "o" week. And he said his report from yesterday to Ms. Stacy.
  • The rest of us looked for breakfast but since there was just one muffin left from yesterday, the kids begged for me to make more. That was fine since I have about 100 Christmas library books from the library and am trying to read them by Christmas. While the ovens baked, I read and read.
  • We then started on our school work for the day. The kids did well, and there was no drama. Around noon, we ate our lunch, and then it was time for chores. We worked on their bedrooms a bit extra along with lots of work on the garage. Everyone has a big coat and a light jacket plus at least one more so that makes for lots of coats hanging in the garage. 
  • The kids didn't have much of an afternoon because by 2:30, we were loading up for the dentist. Reagan and Anderson went first, followed by Keaton and Campbell. Then it was Graham and Whitman. I wasn't going to go back with him but he again turned and motioned for me. 
  • Whitman was quick to tell the hygienist that she didn't have to clean his teeth because they were clean, he brushed them. I was very glad to see that he did let her clean his teeth and was pretty still during the whole process. Everyone loves getting new toothbrushes and digging through their prize chest. 
  • After the dentist, the kids went to Dairy Queen for their weekly Blizzards and I ran a few errands. Actually, I just went to Michaels, Lifeway and Dunkin Donuts. I picked up a gift for Reagan at Michaels, a free book at Lifeway and a free drink at Dunkin Donuts. It took forever for me to get home-traffic was just crazy. I am glad that my gift buying list is down to about 3 or 4. 
  • We all met back home and were home for about 10 minutes before leaving again for Refresh at church tonight. The kids had a good time but afterwards, they begged me to let them play at the new gaga pit. So Sara, Candice, Amber and I all ended up sitting in our car with our lights shinning on the playground while all of our kids played gaga ball. They played long enough to be frozen but they were hot when they climbed in the car.
  • Once at home, Robby had cookies made for them and then it was shower time before bed. Everyone went to sleep quickly since today was such a busy day.

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