December 4, 2017

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  • None of the girls were up this morning and I as I went to wake them up, Whitman walked out of his room and said, "you forgot to wake me up?" I hadn't forgotten to wake him up but was saving him for last. The boy is a bit distractible in the morning. For example, this morning I carefully told him to go and brush his teeth and later found him in the school room closet coloring a picture coloring a picture of 3 trees which he called his "rule book."
  • Once Whitman left for school, the rest of us had breakfast and then started on school. I am on the countdown to Christmas break even though I haven't yet decided when exactly we will take our break. We need some structure around here, and hopefully by Christmas I will have most of our Christmas things accomplished. (We already started wrapping today!)
  • School lasted until 12:30 today but everyone was fine with finishing before lunch. Anderson still had a few things to finish after lunch but he finally did finish up. We worked on finishing up some of our party leftovers for lunch, and then it was chore time (I think that is possibly my favorite time of the day-a clean house makes me happy, happy.)
  • The girls helped me wrap some presents today so that is good. I still have many a things left on my Christmas to-do list but it is growing shorter...I hope! We did a few other things around here and soon Nonna and Pops brought Whitman home.
  • Whitman and Campbell made a marble track while Reagan and Keaton made a "how to" craft video. I read a few book to Whitman and Keaton. I was so tired that I was struggling to stay awake and even caught myself reading them crazy words as I was finishing their books.
  • For supper, we had leftover chili. I had not eaten any last night and it was delicious. The kids thought so too-well, some of them. I did make Whitman eat the 1/8th teaspoon that was in his bowl. I do think everyone loves the crackers, fritoes and cheese. Graham was super excited to eat some of the spinach dip which he tried this afternoon. We will see if he eats any tomorrow. He will say that he likes food and even really act like he does and then never really eat it again almost like he is trying really hard to please me or in this case, to gross out his brothers and sisters.
  • The girls had showers tonight as well as Whitman. We all watched a Shark Tank mostly together-well, we were all in the same room. Campbell was crafting, Keaton and Reagan were watching their ipads on the couch, Whitman was watching his ipad in the floor and the boys came and went while watching football in our bedroom.
  • Afterwards, we did our December countdown and then everyone headed to bed. Whitman has been downstairs twice now. Once to use the bathroom and once again to use the bathroom. He asked me "when I am 18 and I a poopoo in my pants, will you sell me to another country?"

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