Christmas Ornament Countdown 2017: 9 Days until Christmas

This June, the Dennie family went to Atlanta. The main activity of the trip was a day at Stone Mountain. We had never been to Stone Mountain and were greatly surprised at all of the activities there were to do there.

The highlight for all of my Dennies was the the ropes course. Whitman was too small to do the real ropes course but behind the big one, they had a small one set up. It was so cute and he thought that he was just as big as the other kiddos. Reagan, Anderson and Graham absolutely loved the ropes course.

Now, Campbell had a love hate relationship with it. I looked up at her once and saw that she was about to get teary eyed. I encouraged her and soon her confidence was built up and she was doing fine. Keaton was another store. She just had a hate relationship with those ropes. Robby was right beside her or behind her the entire time. He would hold her hand whenever he could but he did offer her multiple boxes of candy! She finished successfully and was a bit proud of herself. Here is the blog post from that day.

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