December 13, 2017-Happy 11th Birthday Anderson

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  • Graham was the only one awake this morning. Robby looked for Anderson in the bonus room with Graham to wish him Happy Birthday, but finally found him still snoozing in his bed. Robby woke him up with a song, and soon everyone was stirring in the house.
  • The kids made their beds, and then Anderson blew out his first set of candles for the day. I made some muffins for breakfast this morning. If I freeze muffins, no one ever eats them, but if I make just enough and we eat them straight out of the oven, they are devoured. 
  • Everyone helped me straighten the house. Last night before bed, Anderson had said that he wanted to pass out cookies for his report today. He was talking about what people in different countries give to Santa. I barely had enough time so I told him that I would make them if he helped me. 
  • Anderson opted for xbox instead of cooking. I almost decided that he would be fine without his cookies but then I remembered that it was his birthday and I had two girls that would happily help me. So, just 30 minutes before everyone showed up, Campbell, Keaton and I threw some cookies in the oven.
  • 21 kiddos are in our little (not so little) homeschool group. The kids are just happy playing outside and probably wouldn't have missed any of our activities that we had planned. We actually didn't even get around to everything (card making and bingo).
  • Sara had made salt dough ornaments that the kids painted. They were so cute and after they were mod podged and I put string on them tonight, they are even more precious. Actually, they are so cute, that I would like to make some again some time.
  • Next, we did our reports. My Dennie's all did well. The theme was traditions, and Graham recapped our Dennie traditions. Campbell talked about how we make Monkey Bread each Christmas Day, gave the recipe and then passed out samples. Reagan told about mistletoe and asked for volunteers to demonstrate how mistletoe works. Anderson told about what people leave for Santa in different countries and passed out the cookies (that I made.) Keaton told the tradition of candy canes and gave some to everyone. Whitman briefly (and excellently) discussed why we give gifts at Christmas.
  • Afterwards, we played charades while the moms cleaned the kitchen and poured up taco soup and the fixings for everyone. Everyone ate and then played outside some. They knew about the syran wrap balls that Sara had also brought and the kids could wait no longer. It was madness during it and everyone ended up with some candy and had lots of fun.
  • We then sang Happy Birthday to Anderson and had some other snacks. The kids had enough candy and sweets today to last them for a year and coming from me, that should mean something. 
  • The kids then migrated back outside. The homeschool buddies left but the neighbors came out. My kids did help me pick up some but I finished cleaning the kitchen near 5. I then called the kids in to make their sandwiches and to load up for church. 
  • I ran by the library on the way to church and then it was Christmas party night for everyone. Keaton and Whitman had their pajama party. They watched a movie, had hot chocolate and popcorn. Graham and Campbell played games in their areas, watched a movie, had popcorn and m&ms. Anderson and Reagan also played games and did a dirty Santa gift exchange. They both took Starbucks gift cards and came home with a coloring book and pencils (Reagan) and 6 big Hershey bars (Anderson.)
  • Everyone had a good time and when we came home, we had a drink before bed. It was a good day around here and I think our now 11 year old had a great birthday.

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