December 3, 2017

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  • We had told the kids last night that when they wake up they need to make sure that they make their bed, brush their teeth and put on their pre-approved Sunday clothes. For the most part, that did work well. I only had to make 5 of the 6 beds. I do think that my big boys at least tried to make their beds but need much, much more practice.
  • The kids had their breakfast and right before we headed to church, we did a quick clean of the house. First was church this morning where we had the Lord's Supper. Keaton has been sitting with Grannymom and Grandpa lately, and I think that she has the whole section looking at how cute she is. I have had 3 different people talk about cute she is during big church. 
  • Graham and Campbell had to leave big church early since their choir was caroling between services. We watched them and when they were done, everyone headed to Sunday school.
  • As soon as we were done, we beelined to Nonna's house and quickly ate a bite of lunch. Then we all loaded up with Nonna, Pops and Jason and headed to the governor's mansion. They had their Christmas open house this afternoon and after we met, Grannymom and Grandpa outside, we headed in.
  • We browsed around the rooms quickly (we had been there last year), and then headed downstairs for a picture with the governor and with Santa. The kids remembered where the cookies were and found them and punch. We were able to watch a bit of a Nutcracker ballet snippet before heading outside.
  • Outside, they had a train that the kids delighted in riding in-well, most of them. My big 3 are possibly a bit too big for the train ride but they appeased me and hopped on. From there, we headed inside and somehow my crew managed to sneak another cookie and peppermint or two.
  • We then all drove to the Historic Arkansas Museum for their open house. The kids enjoyed playing with the stilts. No one was really able to do it at all. We looked in the houses there which I was happy to do since on our field trip day to the museum, it was rainy and we had to stay in the museum building. 
  • We made ornament tags with a potato stamp, reindeer food, drank apple cider, ate gingerbread, tried dutch oven biscuits with butter and even had our picture with Santa again. The girls also made scented sachets. I had been wanting to go to this open house for a few years and was super glad that we went today.
  • When we left there, we dropped Nonna and Pops off before heading home. Robby blowed the sidewalk while I may or may not have sat in the chair with Keaton. She is so incredibly cuddly and snuggly. I did doze for about 15 minutes and then got right to work.
  • Robby made chili and the sausage balls while the girls and I helped get everything else ready. I did spend a good amount of time trying to wake Whitman up. He had gone to sleep on the way home and slept soundly on the floor of my room despite my vacuuming and everyone running through the room.
  • The Phillips, Atwoods and Wilsons all came over for our annual Christmas party. Our kids played while the adults ate and ate and talked and talked. We all had so much fun that we really should get together more often. 
  • Everyone stayed fairly late. Once they left, the kids went to work helping clean up. Then it was their bedtime as Robby and I did lots of dishes. Tomorrow is another busy day around here-Anderson's party is Saturday and Christmas is getting closer by the day and I still have a lot to do!   

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