December 27, 2017

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  • We were up a bit earlier this morning than we have been this week. I really don't even know what time it was that we woke. I honestly am not even sure what day it is, and I think that is exactly how things are supposed to be on the week between Christmas and New Years.
  • At some point this morning, Reagan joined Whitman, Keaton and Campbell in the tent. It was a tight squeeze and soon became so noisy that I had to go up to referee. The kids found their own breakfasts this morning-leaving the leftover monkey bread mostly for us. I do think that Anderson found it even though I had tried to hide it in the back of the fridge.
  • This morning, I folded about 90 loads of laundry. I had not folded anything since before Christmas. The kids were all busy playing and reorganizing their Christmas goodies while I moved on to organizing the hats, gloves and scarfs. I think we are going to need them all pretty soon.
  • After lunch, Reagan and I loaded up for a few errands. The first errand was dropping Reagan off with Kennedy. They had a big night and even went to the movies. After I dropped her off, I ran in to Walmart and then Michaels and the Dollar Tree. Then I was at Sams for an hour returning something and then waiting on Robby's medicine.
  • By this time, I was getting tired but still had a few more stops. Yesterday, a nurse from the kids clinic had called and said they were prescribing me another prescription for Whitman. The pharmacy couldn't find the prescription, called the doctor and for some reason, they really didn't prescribe anything but just told me that they did. Argh! The pharmacist was very nice and did assure me that what Whitman is on is adequate. I was pretty ticked and did call the clinic. All that to say, I may be in the market for a new clinic for the kiddos.
  • From there, I just had to run to the library and pick up some goodies from Nonna's house. Then it was home to unload. Everyone must have missed me since they spent a good deal of time following me around when I arrived home. Robby said that they played most of the time that was I gone but also watched a movie.
  • I played a game with the girls and had planned to work on more Legos with Anderson but never made it there. We had our supper and then the kids had some downtime for a bit. I had a lot of downtime and sat in my bed on my computer until I fell sound asleep.
  • Robby was soon waking me up because Shannon was over with 3 big boxes of clothes for the kids. They were being productive over there and cleaning out while we are just lounging around. We did sort through the girls' clothes and soon it was bedtime for the crew.
  • Whitman is sleeping in the tent with the little girls. I think that they were telling "spooky" stories after we tucked them in, but right now they seem quiet so maybe they are all asleep.

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