December 21, 2017-Happy 8th Birthday Campbell!

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  • Day 2 of our lazy Christmas holiday. Whitman came to our room for a minute this morning, and then he closed our bedroom door, had someone fix his breakfast, and sat outside our room watching his movie.
  • Campbell came in next. She was anxious for someone to wish her Happy Birthday. We did that and I even let her open a necklace from Justice. Then Robby made her day. He told her that he was going to the store and asked if she wanted to go. That girl loves shopping as much as she enjoys cooking.
  • Soon Campbell and Robby left. They began their trek at Sonic for a birthday drink. Then they headed to the store followed by a Happy Meal at McDonalds. This morning out was the best birthday present ever for Campbell.
  • Back here, Whitman had all of my pillows in the hallway watching a movie, Keaton and Reagan were on their ipads, Graham migrated from basketball outside, basketball in his bedroom and basketball on the xbox. Anderson and I went to work on a lego set. Two of his really big sets have been partially destroyed so today we started on rebuilding them.
  • I was the one encouraging him to do this, and after we worked for over an hour, I began to wonder why I did such a thing. First we had to take apart what was left from the old one, and then start to rebuild it. Thankfully, so far most of the pieces were found quickly but finding some involved us looking through millions of grey legos. It is just like finding a needle in a haystack! We made it to step 65 out of over 200. Hopefully, we can still finish by Christmas.
  • We then rushed around here and met Robby at Dairy Queen. The people seem to know Robby and the kids which is a good thing because our confusing orders (like a M&M blizzard with no M&Ms) are coming quicker. Today the lady brought our Blizzards and flipped 4 perfectly. The last one she flipped and it poured out on her tray. The kids cackled as she then flipped the next one and it also poured out on her tray. They quickly replaced those two ice creams and everyone was happy.
  • We came back home and Campbell and I made her birthday brownie dessert. Then we had a bit of downtime before I needed to make supper. Lilly and Cash came over to play and the kids all went outside and found the neighbors out. I called Campbell in to help with her birthday supper since she had been very excited about cooking. But she was more excited about playing with everyone. She did decorate the brownies but then she was ready to get outside and play.
  • I worked on supper alone as the kids played. Around 6 everyone showed up-Jason, Nonna, Pops, Grannymom and Grandpa. Campbell had her half birthday party this summer so today was just our family birthday celebration. We had chicken parmigiana, green beans, rice and bread. 
  • Campbell could not wait to tear into her presents. Even though she already had received presents from her friends this summer, she racked up tonight. A pottery kit, art supplies, baking supplies, shrinky dinks, clothes, lotion, a cookbook and a shopping cart for her dolls. 
  • After presents, we sang once more today and had brownies and ice cream. Everyone stuck around for a bit and the girls worked on the shirnky dinks until everyone left. Then all of my people had showers and put on pajamas.
  • Afterwards, we all piled into the living room and watched Home Alone 3. I think that we just have one more Home Alone move to watch. Whitman fell asleep and Campbell and Keaton ended up in the floor right near Robby and me. Reagan made popcorn for everyone and it was a great end to Campbell's 8th birthday. 

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