December 8, 2017

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  • First order of business today, after sleeping too late, was to call and make an appointment for Whitman to have his ears rechecked. I had tried earlier in the week but the only appointment open then for today was at 9:30 and in the middle of school just wouldn't work. I had not realized that Robby would also be around today so when I called today, I took the only other appointment they had-9:50. It still ended up being at just about the same time as it would have been.
  • Reagan and the boys were all awake this morning but it must have been cold, because Graham found his way to our bed after playing his ipad some and Keaton and Campbell also joined us.
  • I did the dishes and then gathered the crew for breakfast. As they ate, I read and then we did some more together work in the school room. This was our 4th day of school this week and that makes everyone's load a lot lighter (especially mine!)
  • Robby took Whitman to his doctor's appointment, and thankfully, his ears were just fine. After I finished my school, I took a shower and started work around here. The kids finished their school work and we had lunch.
  • After chores and lunch, we loaded up for Grannymom's house. The kids took so much stuff-scooters, ipads, games, they could have stayed for days. Robby had dropped Whitman off there and after I left, I ran to Lowe's, Walmart, JC Pennys and then home. I meant to go to the library but forgot until I was already on Lawson.
  • It is not often that I am home alone without the kids but when I am I never sit down. The other day, the boys were teasing me about taking naps but I sure wouldn't take one in an empty house. I spent most of my time painting the girls' Christmas gift. Then I made baked beans and tried my best to get everything ready for Anderson's party tomorrow. I think that I will try harder to convince him to have a half birthday party this summer.
  • My pre-Christmas list is growing smaller. I have even wrapped almost all of the presents that we have. I still haven't bought a thing for Anderson-I am hoping that after his birthday party, I will know the perfect gift for him. Ha! That is probably doubtful.
  • Robby ran to pick up the kids from Grannymom, and then he took them to chickfila for supper. By this time, I had already text desperate for him to stop and pick up some butter. The cake that I had intended to make called for 3 sticks and we were out. I am not sure what happens to our butter. We seem to buy so much but I am always out of it. I think that the kids secretly eat it!
  • Once they came back home, everyone had some downtime while Anderson helped me make his birthday cake. He is growing up-he wanted lemon cake and cheesecake for his cakes. When it was 9, we did our ornament and Santa countdown. The kids then went to bed and the ice cream came out!

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