December 10, 2017

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  • We woke up to the sounds of Anderson working in the school room on his legos. Pretty much, other than eating or getting ready, if he has been home today, he has been building on his legos. He only had two things left to build. I do indeed think that child loves legos. I hope that he can find a career that he loves just as much.
  • There was a bit of getting dressed drama. Keaton wanted to wear what she had wore yesterday but her clothes were one of two places-dry in the dryer or dirty in the laundry basket. Just hearing this caused tears with her. Thankfully, they were in the dryer. Whitman told me that he was never going to wear blue jeans again when I put them on him this morning (He didn't mention it when I put them back on his this evening though). Anderson was wearing the same shirt that he wore last week and Graham had on a bright yellow shirt looking like it was the middle of summer. I didn't have the heart to say anything to the boys-they got themselves ready, without being asked and without complaints.
  • Everyone had breakfast and Whitman found his spot that he stayed most of the day. His biggest buddy in the house right now is Anderson, and Whitman spent all day watching Anderson build his legos. When Whitman wasn't watching Anderson, he was looking at all of the books of lego instructions or sitting right beside Anderson watching his ipad.
  • We had breakfast and then it was time to hurry out the door for church. Keaton sat with Grannymom and Grandpa. I do believe that this is her spot now because she loves getting extra attention back there. Whitman sat in between Robby and Anderson, and he did really well. I am not sure if he did better not sitting by me or if it was because he didn't feel that great. Robby helped Whitman catch a ride home with Grannymom so he didn't have to stay at Sunday school and infect all of his friends.
  • On the way to Sunday school, a man asked Robby if he had change for a 5 dollar bill. Of course, we didn't but Keaton was with us. We had her look in her wallet and she only had 3 ones. We just tried to give them her one but they insisted that they would take the 3 dollars and give her the 5. She didn't really understand what had happened so I explained to her that she made 2 dollars. 
  • A bit later, we saw the man in the hallway and Robby encouraged Keaton to ask. And sure enough, she walked right up to the man and said, "do you need any more money?" She can be the cutest little thing.
  • After Sunday school, the rest of us headed to Grannymom's house. She had lunch and afterwards, the kids played for a while. They played enough outside that the needed showers when we made it home. 
  • Everyone showered and as soon as they did, Robby and I fell sound asleep. When we laid down, Keaton and Whitman were climbing on our bed. I knew when we were sleeping that someone was between us. I thought it was Keaton and Robby said that he thought it was Whitman. When we woke up, we discovered that Campbell was the one snoozing with us.
  • Robby had to take Reagan to church early and then we had to get the littles there soon afterwards. Tonight was the Christmas Night of Worship at church. The preschoolers (Keaton and Whitman) sang 4 songs. Of course, Keaton did wonderful but Whitman was bribed with skittles and threatened with a spanking so he thankfully, did great as well. (To me "great" consists of standing still on the stage and moving your mouth occasionally.)
  • Then Reagan was up. Her preteen group led the congregation in worship. They sang two songs and Reagan looked mildly uncomfortable up there. However, she did very good. I probably would have looked very uncomfortable if I was 12 and standing in front of a thousand people singing into a microphone.
  • Once at home, everyone put on their pjs, and we all had leftovers for supper. Then we had some downtime before bed. We did do our Christmas ornament countdown along with our Santa before bedtime. Anderson is sleeping in his new sleeping bag in the floor so Graham decided to join him. I didn't think that the boys would be able to go to sleep up there especially since Whitman slept through most of church, but surprisingly, they are all quiet right now.

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