December 29, 2017

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  • Let me think-right now I am not even sure of what day it is (or was since it is after midnight). Okay, hopefully I have it all straight in my head. My alarm rang right at 8 this morning, and I dialed the phone as I was getting out of bed. I snatched the earliest two appointments that I could and was satisfied of the time of 9:50.
  • After I had put on my clothes, folded the laundry and emptied the dishwasher, Tony was knocking on the door. Now, if you have been to have my house lately and sat on my couch, you know that one side is completely broken. Your chin hits your knees when you sit down. It does make a cozy little spot to cuddle in, but probably is not conducive to having guests over.
  • Tony and Robby went to town on the couch while I loaded up with Campbell and Graham. Even though Graham swore to me that his ears didn't hurt and that he felt better (sure didn't sound better with him snotting and coughing), I still drug him on to the doctor. I think that he wanted to stay and play with Brett but to the doctor he went.
  • It was a short visit-Campbell had one infected ear and Graham had two ears that weren't infected but they weren't healthy looking. So they both received medicine. From there, I ran into the pharmacy to pick up their meds, and thankfully I didn't have to wait forever. Neither one was too happy to hear that the medicine was bubble gum flavored and that they had to take it twice a day (Whitman's right now is just once a day.)
  • When we arrived back home, the couch was almost fixed, and Keaton was sitting staring at them working. It looked like she had just been up for a few minutes. By the time that Campbell and Graham had drank their medicine for their first dose, Reagan was stumbling down the stairs. Sleeping until almost 11-what a wonderful Christmas break.
  • We then had a bit of downtime until I made chicken tortillas for lunch. We ate and then everyone started on showers. Soon we were loading up heading to a funeral. As we drove there, Robby gave the kids the low down on what would happen there and reminded them that it was a very solemn event...and as we pulled into the parking lot, there were 4 of those huge blow up air men flapping in the breeze by the front doors. Robby explained that this was not normal funeral protocol. 
  • Now, the kids were perfect during the long service. I can say that because Whitman fell asleep and snored during most of it. Now, he has been saying lots of things like, "how do you die?," "how old will I be in when I die?" and "I don't want (insert name here) to die." 
  • After the funeral, we stopped by Sonic as a reward and then headed to NLR. Robby had to pick up something for work (which wasn't there). I ran into the smallest Kroger ever while Robby found gas. Then we ordered the kids pizzas from Pizza Hut (they have the same Book-It program that I did when I was a kid and could earn a free mini pizza each month.) It took forever to get a hold of them and order the pizza. Robby also had a mystery shop which it took over an hour for the food to be ready. 
  • By the time that we made it home, everyone was antsy and hungry. Robby had to take pictures of his food but did that quickly. By the time that the car was unloaded, we were serving up some grub. Most everyone ate pizza, but there was also fries, nachos and a burger along with a delicious cookie. Everyone left with plenty to eat and the fridge is full of leftovers for tomorrow,
  • The Wilsons were lonely, so we went over there for a bit and ended up staying until after 11. The kids were busy watching a movie or something or another (I am not sure what they were doing but they were being quiet.) When the ballgame that was on finished, we headed home. By the time we made it in the house, everyone was exhausted and headed right to bed. 

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