December 18, 2017

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  • Robby and Whitman headed off to school on time this morning since Robby had a checkup this morning. I had told Whitman that there was a special surprise at school today so he was excited to see what it was. I assumed that it was a visit from Santa, but I think that it was a new train toy in their classroom.
  • This was our last day of school for the year so a few things were a bit lighter. I knew that Keaton and Campbell had finished most of their work yesterday, but I didn't know that Reagan had done quite a bit of her work yesterday as well. I had just sat down to work with Keaton when she walked in dropping math and 3 or 4 more pages in my lap to correct. I was shocked at how fast she was until she explained that she did most of it yesterday.
  • Since the girls started early, there was talk of a Left, Right, Center game at 11. It took the boys a bit longer to finish so the game happened a bit later. I was the winner of the round. The kids had collected a pot of prizes today but I just grabbed the Sharpie marker as my prize.
  • The boys then had to work on their chores and since the girls had already finished theirs, they played another round. Soon Lilly and Cash came over. Dana even brought lunch-she offered and I sure couldn't pass that up. 
  • The kids all ate and then they played a game of tag in the house. I didn't mind because I had plenty of things to work on. Soon, their game moved outside and as they were outside, I was in the middle of the living room working on Christmas presents. 
  • After the played outside for a while, all 7 of them came back in to play on their ipads. They spent the entire afternoon playing Minecraft. It was quite entertaining to listen to. Nonna and Pops brought Whitman home from his afternoon with them. 
  • Whitman had a good day at school, and had his mind set on making a marble track. He and I worked on that for a long while and the others did stop to play with him a bit. Robby made pancakes for supper. After we ate, he did say that he thought we had pancakes the last time that Cash was over here.  We do have them a lot since they are a good warm and easy meal to serve. And when we have bacon, sausage and strawberries-everyone is happy.
  • We had tried to see Santa yesterday at Bass Pro and left with a ticket for tonight. We met Dana there and even though no one was around yesterday, it was packed tonight and we had to wait in a pretty long line for Santa. The kids didn't care because they enjoyed playing and looking around. 
  • After we saw Santa, it was home for showers and then a movie. We watched Home Alone tonight and I enjoyed watching Keaton and Whitman during the movie than watching the movie myself. Their faces were so panicked during most of the movie. It was just great.
  • When the movie was over, it was bedtime for the crew. I still have my Christmas to do list and for some reason, it is a bit longer than I would like. I have not started to panic just yet but hopefully tomorrow I can knock at least 6 more things off of that list!

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