December 28, 2017

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  • First let me apologize for our lack of pictures today. We just have one. I did remember that we needed pictures tonight after I had tucked the kids into bed, but since it was after 11 and since we have two "sickly" ones, I figured that it wasn't worth waking them up for a picture.
  • Last night, Graham had complained about his ear, and we even did ear drops before bed. So this morning before 8, I asked him about his ear. He said that it was fine and no matter how I asked him, he was certain that he felt much better. So I opted not to call for an appointment for him today (which turned out to be a mistake.)
  • Reagan woke up at Kennedy's house so before noon, we loaded up to pick her up. From breakfast time until then, we really didn't do a whole lot around here. There was laundry, dishes and lots of straightening but we didn't really do much.
  • After picking up Reagan, we headed to Dairy Queen for our weekly Blizzards. Everyone loves to eat ice cream when it is not even above freezing! The kids have settled on their flavors and everyone gets the same thing each time. Now, Keaton just eats the M&Ms that we ask for on the side from the M&M Blizzard. Robby said that we need to just start bringing her some candy and that way we could order a Blizzard that Robby and I would enjoy.
  • When we thawed out from the ice cream, we went to Grannymom's house for a bit. Whitman, Robby and Campbell stayed over there while the rest of us ran to Walmart for a bit. Campbell stayed behind because while we were out and about, her ears started to hurt. I called for an appointment for her but by then they were all out.
  • Anderson had some money to spend and looked at the Legos but their stock was pretty low so he didn't see anything that he had to have. He was wise and decided to wait until he was sure. Keaton found something that she wanted too and almost bought it but decided not to at the last minute. Graham also had some money but bless, his ear had started to hurt and he just couldn't think of anything that he wanted since he was distracted by that.
  • Campbell stayed at Grannymom's house for the rest of the afternoon. She cuddled up in their big heated bed with the tv on and a bell by her side-that girl ate it up! The rest of us ran home for a bit.
  • Then we loaded back up with the Wilsons and went to eat Mexican after picking up Campbell. Robby called just to make sure she felt like going out to eat and she perked up pretty quick and was ready to go. We all ate our fill of Mexican and then headed home.
  • The kids watched some tv and played for a bit while the grownups ate and talked. Then Robby and Tony turned my couch over and started working on it. It is on its last leg and if tomorrow's repairs don't help, Saturday it will be headed to the dump!

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