December 7, 2017

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  • I had to wake up Whitman but he woke up well because he was excited about going to Lunch box today. Robby had overpaid in some of his pre-tax money and had some to use up, so Whitman was able to stay for Lunch box in the afternoon so we don't waste a single penny. Whitman did not want to be late which was kind of funny because he is late every single day to school (well, almost.)
  • Everyone else was awake soon and some how our breakfast and working together took longer today. I didn't mind since I do enjoy all of that reading (seriously), but the kids were anxious to get started on their school work. Tomorrow should be a bit of a lighter day but Whitman being home adds to the excitement. 
  • Speaking of tomorrow, I need to make Whitman an ear re-check appointment since it has been over 2 weeks and Reagan knocked a bracket off of her braces tonight so that calls for an appointment as well. We may not get much school done at all.
  • I had a shower around noon and then worked with Reagan once I was dressed again. Then it was time for lunch. Robby has been busy and I have a fridge full of leftovers from multiple mystery shops around the metro area. It made for lots of choices but unfortunately, we didn't finish anything off and the fridge is still packed to the brim.
  • The kids worked on chores and I worked on getting ready for Anderson's party this afternoon. We are doing some games along with his favorite-lego car racing. But, now I need to come up with a ramp as well. I also made my weight in chocolate Lego men and chocolate Lego bricks. 
  • Graham and I went to pick up Whitman this afternoon. He had a good day at school and came home with his hands full of papers. Today was C show and tell day and we really outdid ourselves. In his Club Cracker box, he had Cucumbers, Cookies, Chocolate Candy, Crackers and Corn. We looked and looked for our play carrots but could never find them.
  • Back at home, there was more party preparation and then it was suddenly time to leave. Maybe I need a watch-Robby did win a new one today at his work Christmas party which the kids already know more about than the two of us. 
  • We met Robby and Dairy Queen and had our weekly blizzards. Then it was off to see the SOMA Christmas tree lighting. It was cold, cold out there but we were prepared. Hats, gloves, long underwear, we were ready, but it was still cold. Thankfully, we weren't there too long-we heard some carolers, saw some people we knew, saw Santa and then the kids helped countdown to light the tree. 
  • The tree lit up and Reagan looked at me like "what? you brought us out here for this?" Anderson had the exact same look on his face. Bless! It was a small little tree but it was good to get out and go someplace new. 
  • Afterwards, Robby ran to pick up some supper and then we headed home. Once we all warmed up, we ate and then the kids showered. I worked more on my chocolate legos while the kids helped Robby with his new watch. 
  • Before addressing our Christmas cards, we played a candy cane game. The kids love a bit of competition (and so did I). Then everyone had some free time before bed.

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