December 22, 2017

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  • This morning around 8, Campbell came into our room and asked me to help her with her pottery set. I still had about 2 more hours of sleep but for some reason I jumped up and headed to help her. I am not sure if I was just trying to be a good mother or was too asleep to realize what I was doing. 
  • We made a bowl and plate before I headed back to bed. After that though, I couldn't really go back to sleep. I text Anderson (yes, he was on the opposite side of the wall from me but texting them is more fun.) and we met in the bonus room for more Lego work.
  • We worked for about an hour and made good progress. Then the lights went out. This caused all kinds of commotion-mostly squeals and screams of delight. I opened the blinds in the bonus room and despite Anderson trying to convince me that we could still work, I told him that we would have to take a break. I can barely find those pieces in a well let room much less trying to find them with what little light was coming in from the window. 
  • Since the internet was off as well, when I came downstairs, I thought that we would use our "lights off" time wisely and clean this place up. I had just finished the first round of chores and was assigning more when the lights popped back on. 
  • Anderson and I headed back upstairs and we ended up working for another hour on the legos. We only have about 40 more steps to go-I had told him that I wanted to get both of his big ships done before Christmas but maybe we can get the other one finished after Christmas.
  • When we had picked up the Legos, Robby came upstairs and stared working on the puzzle. We set out a Christmas puzzle and have rarely been in the bonus room so about 75 of the 1000 pieces are worked. I haven't decided if I am going to leave it out until we finish it or if I am going to carefully pack it all up and just start from where we are next year.
  • We worked on the puzzle for a good bit while listening to the never ending rain. Then we fed the kids lunch, settled them down for a movie and ran to eat lunch ourselves. I wrapped a bit tonight and have finished all of my stuff. Reagan just has her present to wrap and Robby is on his on with his presents (which he still has to buy and even tried to convince me to just pick up tomorrow while I am out.)
  • My goal was to not go anywhere tomorrow (except for Christmas at Grannymom's house). I wanted to have another lazy day like today, but after Whitman has mentioned his ear twice tonight, I think we will be making a trip to the doctor at 8 in the morning.
  • Robby made eggs for supper tonight and then we played a game of Farkle. I read the rules but I still think that we aren't playing exactly right. It doesn't matter though because the kids loved it-really, they love any game. And the more I play games with them the more I realize that I need to play a lot more games with them. It is very clear that they often don't know how to act when they win or when the lose.
  • After the game, we watched Elf and ate some of Ms. Shannon's cookies that she delivered today. We also received a package of cookies today from someone. Robby read the name and didn't know who they were from for the longest time but finally realized that they were from some work folks. All this time, he was chowing down on one of the cookies-I asked if he thought they might be poisonous but they were not.
  • When the movie was over, everyone headed to bed-lots to do tomorrow-doctor for Whitman, last day of reading book for Keaton, legos for Anderson, wrapping for Reagan, and who knows what Campbell and Graham will find to do!

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