December 19, 2017

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  • The first official day of our winter break except that Whitman still had to go to school for one last day. As I was pulling out his clothes, I barely remembered that today was pajama day for him. I wasn't quite sure so did still pull out a spare set of clothes for Robby's car just in case I was wrong.
  • Robby took Whitman and everyone else started their first full day of vegging. Except I didn't let them veg too long because I had a page full of chores to be accomplished. Graham had a bit of school work to finish up and Keaton has 5 more lessons of her reading book which we are determined to finish before Christmas.
  • Before too long, I had to leave for Whitman's class party. They were already eating cupcakes and drinking their punch when I arrived. Shortly afterwards, they played a few games. I didn't get any pictures since I was the game girl today. 
  • After my games, it was time for their book exchange. Things were going splendid until Whitman opened up the book that landed in his lap. He immediately had himself a bit of fit and then tears. I was mortified-my child acting a fool! Not just acting a fool at home but in front of other people! Oh, my goodness. 
  • Sweet Ms. Stacy offered to get him another book. A classmate tried to trade books with him. I quickly explained that he would be taking his book home. We don't always get everything we want in life. After he calmed down, he seemed to enjoy the rest of the party.
  • On the way home, Whitman did tell me that he wanted to sell his new book. We practiced over and over again what to say when you receive a gift. When I asked him what he should say if someone tried to give you something that you don't want, he replied with "no, thank you." I explained that he is supposed to say "thank you very much." I thought of every horrible gift that I could think of on the way home and had him say "thank you very much" over and over again.
  • I made a snacky lunch for everyone once we came home. I was able to read a few books-I still have about 20 Christmas books left to read to the kids so I don't think that we will make it. However, we have done really well and have read at least 100 Christmas books.
  • The kids settled in watching a movie after lunch so I headed early to run my errands. I ran to 6 different stores and still made it home a little bit after their movie ended. The afternoon went by quickly but we did have time to make our reindeer food before we all left for the evening.
  • Robby took the kids and Lilly and Cash to the movies tonight. They saw Ferdinand and everyone agreed that it was a really good. I went to Bunko at Cantino Laredo and then we continued on with a stroll through Target. We all made it home at exactly the same time. 
  • The kids were full from their liters of coke that they drank and bucket fulls of popcorn. I probably should have insisted that everyone use the restroom one more time before bed!

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