December 11, 2017

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  • We snoozed as long as we could this morning until it was time to wake Whitman and ship him off to school. When he left, we had our breakfast and then started on our school work for the morning. The kids were a bit (a lot) distracted today, and I felt like I had to stay on everyone-be quiet, do your work, leave this room and on and on. 
  • I am not sure how it happened though but I did finish my part of school work a bit before lunch time. This allowed us to have our lunch at a decent time. Everyone but Keaton had leftovers which was a win. I am not sure when we will eat all of these leftovers-they just keep accumulating. We even brought some home tonight.
  • Reagan headed to lunch with Robby this afternoon and then he took her to her orthodontist appointment (she had lost another bracket.) Meanwhile, everyone at home did their chores and then did some internet shopping. 
  • The kids have drawn names and I have held them off as long as I can on ordering their presents. I know everyone is different but it so surprises me how different they all are. Anderson quickly decided what he wanted to buy his person and has never thought about it again. Graham and Reagan have stressed and stressed about the perfect gifts. (Reagan is still stressing because she has no idea what to get her person-I don't either so I am no help.) Keaton jumped on the chance to buy her person a nicer gift when Robby had a good coupon. Campbell has spent hours looking for her person but has also spent much of that time looking for more things for her. 
  • After a trip to Michaels and the Dollar Store tomorrow, hopefully they will be finished with their shopping (except for Reagan). My list might finally be getting smaller. Now, I should be sewing tonight but instead I took a pass and will get to that another night-maybe tomorrow. 
  • Whitman came home around 4 with Nonna and Pops. He had a good time at their house but spent most of his time coughing. By supper, the boy was pitiful. A low fever but a constant cough. Under his nose was just as red as it could be and his eyes were constantly watering. He might have eaten 3 crackers since he has been home but didn't touch anything at supper tonight.
  • This afternoon I went out to play football with the boys. Campbell, then Keaton and then Reagan did join us. The boys are so serious and would tell me what play to run-it was like they were speaking Greek to me. I just nodded my head and tried to do what I thought they said. 
  • The neighbors always seem to come out right when we have to leave and tonight was no different. We had to call the kids in after they had only been out for a bit. We ate supper at Coltons tonight.
  • The kids loved the peanuts and the rolls. Keaton would not eat the red tortilla chips but she did enjoy the fish. The steak that Robby bought was large enough that it fed him, Reagan and Graham. We just split 2 and a half meals and still brought home a big box of leftovers. 
  • Once we made it home, everyone had showers and Robby put Whitman right to bed (in the floor of our room) since he didn't really wake up from the ride home. We plan on doping him up before we go to bed so hopefully, he will sleep well tonight and wake up feeling better.

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