Christmas Ornament Countdown 2022-13 Days Until Christmas

This is my 11th year to do a Christmas ornament coundown. This is also the first year that I am haven't started on December the 1st since I do not have enough ornaments. I still think you might enjoy this countdown-or maybe you won't and can scroll on.

This year we have set up 6 trees in the house. I don't think that number is quite accurate since the one in the boys room is just 2 feet high, has no ornaments and isn't even plugged in. Campbell and Keaton helped me do most of Christmas this year with Reagan and Whitman helping a little as well. We spread it out over a few days which made things much more pleasant, though when we put things up (I'll try to wait until the 26th, it will not be over a few days, but just a few hours.)

Back to why we are here-the first and tackiest Christmas ornament of the year: a Buccee's stufffed animal beaver. It was at the top of the tree, but has fallen so now I have pushed him inside of the tree a bit more. It is not that I am trying to hide him or anything, but he is definitely a uniqute Christmas ornament. The kids, even Reagan, were pretty adament that we needed to purchase him.

Buccee's is a place that we all enjoy stopping at when we are nearby. My favorite from there is the scones but the apple pie isn't half bad either. The bbq is a standard grab some and have supper as we continue driving meal. It is definitely a destination! I don't really have a link for this ornament since we frequent Buccee's whenever we drive past one-but just imagine all 8 of us with icee drinks in our hands as well as bags of bbq sandwhiches and other gas station delights.

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