Christmas Ornament Countdown 2022: 11 Days until Christmas

Oh, this is a fun ornament! Obviously, I couldn't hang a huge Ikea bag up on the tree, but instead we found this little coin purse type bag that looks like an Ikea bag. Ikea has been one of my favorite stores for the longest time. 

Since we have been there quite a few times, some of the sections aren't that interesting to me anymore. However, all of the sections at the end I have never been able to spend much time there becuase by the family gets to that part; they are done and ready to leave so we have to hurry through the last little bit. 

It looks like our first trip to Ikea was in 2008. That was so long ago that the picture links don't work correctly anymore, but here is the link for that first Ikea shopping trip.

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