December 12, 2022-Disney in December

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Once again Robby and I were awake at 7 trying to get the Guardians of the Galaxy ride at Epcot. We were again able to snag it. This meant that we could all be a bit lazy this morning. We still did wake up at a decent time.

Before we left this morning, I had taken Whitman to the front to find the last scavenger hunt clue. Then we turned in those papers to earn a pin before we went looping around. On most loops there is at least one campsite that has a pin board to trade or a bowl with candy for people to take. One place today even had dog treats which we took Bentley to two different times.

At Epcot, we rode the Guardians ride and even bought a Christmas ornament to remind ourselves of that ride. After the ride, we tried 4 different doughnuts-the croissant doughnut was rated the best by the Dennies with the sprinkle and peppermint coming in second and thired followed by the egg nog as last. 

After this, we walked around the world past all of the countries. Now, it was crazy crowded today at Epcot. It was tough to just walk around. We did reward ourselves with our last two cookies today-another sugar cookie which completed our Epcot Cookie Stroll. Then we even tried a tamale and pernil (beef and plantain dish-it was good.)

From there, we walked on to the car and had some downtime at the campground. I asked the kids today what they would change about this Disney trip, and at least 2 folks said more time at the campground. There was lots of bike riding today along with golf cart driving.

I did let Whitman make a loop on the golf cart-that boy was so scared. At first he was doing the gas, and we barely moved at all. Eventually, he insisted on me doing the gas, but was terrified most of the time. I wish that my other boys had some of the fear that Whitman does. 

We worked on cleaning out the fridge for supper-leftover taco meat for 3 folks, leftover pizza, leftover pasta, and leftover hamburgers are what fed everyone. There are still plenty of leftovers and we didn't even get to two of our suppers (air fryer pizza and breakfast). That is fine though because those meals will keep.

Around 8, we left for Magic Kingdom tonight. We arrived just as the fireworks finished-for ever thousand people leaving the park, there was one entering. We were majorly having to dodge the crowds who were leaving. It was kind of an odd feeling.

Everyone but Reagan and Whitman went to ride the Speedway. The rest of us went to buy an ornament for our February trip. It had 2023 on it, and my pass has a bigger discount right now, so we bought it early. Then we met up with them at the Speedway, and Graham, Campbell, and Keaton rode again. 

Anderson had a snack left so he went with Robby to get a brownie sundae. Graham had money left so when he was finished, he ran to make sure that his order for a brownie sundae got turned in as well. We all met up so they could eat, and while they ate Keaton and Robby stood in line at Starbucks for her snack.

The kids didn't get a snack each day on this trip like they did the last trip. These were all leftover snacks. Now, Graham should have earned a snack today because really he was the hero of the trip. At one point toay, we did a lot of packing up and getting things ready to leave tomorrow. Robby emptied the tanks, and then he usually refills them with fresh water to rinse them out. 

This rinsing them out shows him how dirty they usually are. At home he can sometimes rinse the tanks out over and over again and the water takes forever to get clearer. To rinse the tanks out, he has a thing where he put the water hose into the tank to fill it. He also has a meter on there so he knows when to stop it. He has also done this so many times that he knows how long it will take.

Since he knows how long it will take, he usually sets a timer. Usually! (If the tanks fill up, then water will start coming up the bathroom sink and up the potty. If that continues, then the water would flow over the potty onto the floor. Again, the water would not be clean-which is a nice way to say exactly what the water would be.)

Today, Robby didn't set a timer. We had driven the golf cart to the laundry room and were about to go around some loops after Robby put the laundry in the dryer. I was sitting on the golf cart talking to Keaton when Robby burst out of the laundry room on the phone saying, "I'll be right there." Then he took off running towards the camper.

He did holler back to me that he forgot about the water. I knew what this meant. I slowly headed home on the golf cart trying to figure out which towels I wanted to use to sop up water and then throw away. I was even trying to remind myself where the gloves are along with if I had any extra cleaning spray. 

Thankfully, the water stayed in the potty because of hero Graham. Graham was sitting on the potty when he heard it gurgling. He saw stuff coming out of the sink and saw the potty water begin to rise. He finished and then hopped outside to find Robby who was not there. Thankfully, he thought to call and after Robby's sprint, he was able to turn off of the water before catastrophe struck. Graham saved the day for sure.

Back to Magic Kingdom though. While Robby and Keaton were in line, the rest of us went to Buzz Lightyear. There Graham once again was a hero-a gallactic hero. Anderson showed him where the targets were that he could earn the most points so he was able to score a 999.999-the highest score possible. 

Since he did this, he also earned a sticker at the gift shop. Of course to get his sticker he had to say a pledge. It was fun for us to watch him-reminded me of all of the Jr. Park Ranger things we have done.

After this, Robby and Keaton met us and we rode People Mover and some folks rode the Astro Orbiter. Then we high tailed it across the park to ride Big Thunder. We rode once, and were about to get off at 10:53 when the man asked if we wanted to stay on and ride again. Of course the cart went nuts yelling and cheering so we went again. And I guess since it was 10:59 when we came around again, he let us go again. That was a fun Disney magic moment for sure. 

We then hurried back to the boat so we could get back to the camper. Campbell and Anderson had showers. By the time that he returned from his, it was his birthday and we had his birthday banner hanging up. Tomorrow will be our earliest morning yet so I better end this blog right here.

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