December 20, 2022

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  • Last night Bentley ended up on the naughty list at the Dennie household. At some point during the night she woke up and made enough noise that Robby let her out of her kennel. Later as she barked by the door, I scooter her into our bed and did this a few times, before we relented and let her out of our bedroom.
  • Campbell, however, was not on the naughty list. She got to go shopping with me fairly early this morning. She bought her last Christmas present from me which involved shopping at Walmart, Target and Marshalls. I think she did super well on her purchases today. Plus while we were out, I finished up two more people's presents.
  • When we came home, I was there for about 10 minutes before leaving again. I took Whitman and Keaton to Dollar General to buy gifts. Whitman was very excited about buying gifts and had even asked a few times. 
  • He went upstairs to get his money and came down saying he only had 5 dollars. This kind of panicked me-he does get money occasionally so where would it be going. Could someone be taking it? Surely not, so I ventured upstairs. Indeed in his money bucket, he just had change but there was also an envelope. The envelope was full of all of his other money so all was well. He didn't really care about this new windfall, but I was certainly relieved.
  • When we finally did get home from this shopping venture, Robby asked if we had gone to the Dollar General in Conway and not the one a mile from the house. Whitman was incredibly speedy, but Keaton studied each and every thing in the store.
  • Robby took Campbell, Keaton and Whitman to Defy this afternoon while I wrapped presents, made a pie, rearranged a cabinet and baked some sugar cookies. The kids helped me with the sugar cookies when they returned home.
  • Reagan went to Kennedy's house tonight while the rest of us had pancakes, sausage, and egg in the hole for supper tonight. Currently, Robby is walking on the treadmill and I am about to get some hot chocolate to drink while I finish my Christmas movie.

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