December 10, 2022-Disney in December

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This morning was an early one. We were all headed to the boat by 7:30. Robby on foot, Reagan, Campbell, Whitman and me on the golf cart, and Keaton, Anderson and Graham on their bikes. We don't really have far to go-by the time that the cart was parked, Robby had arrived.

We took the boat over to Magic Kingdom and headed right to the Seven Dwarfs line. When the park did open, the line looked super long, but we really moved right through it. Afterwards, we walked to Pirates and then Splash Mountain and rode it. Then we thought that Big Thunder was going to open so we went there, but it never did.

Instead we went to eat a few snacks-funnel cakes, homemade potato chips, and chicken and waffles. This was all delicious, and we especially enjoyed the chicken and waffles. Though the potato chips were pretty delicious too. 

Next up was some down time at Tom Sawyer's island. The kids all played their version of tag. Robby and I sat and ate some more with the kids stopping to eat some of their packed lunch too during their games. When we finished there, we went in a Christmas shop before taking another castle picture. 

The kids then opted to go back to the camper. That was fine with Robby and I-went to the Carousel of Progress. I'm sorry to say that I slept through the whole thing. After my nap, I mean the ride, I had energy to walk to the ice craem place where we split a brownie sundae.

Robby and I then went back to the campground. This was where things were nice-Anderson was waiting with the golf cart when we arrived, and Keaton was getting us drinks as well. Bentley was already waked and had been to the dog park to play as well. 

This afternoon there was scavenger hunting-the kids found quite a few things. Enough that the decided to stop finding things so they could leave things for others. I gave out my last stocking gifts in stocking as I drove by.

I am not really sure how we spent our afternoon. Oh, we did do some laundry, and I did have a 30 minute nap again. Soon, we were out driving some loops before we made supper. Tonight's supper was quesadillas and street tacos. 

The only problem was right before eating, we were at the dog park. I was talking to some people while Bentley was playing, and I got eat up with mosquito bites. So while Robby was cooking, I had to take a shower to help with all of my bites. Thankfully, that did the trick and all was well after that.

After eating, we drove around some more-I can not say this enough, these people are crazy here. And since this is the weekend, it is much more festive. Ninty percent of campers have at least one blow up. For the msot part, if people have more than 1 blow up, then they have 5-100. And again, I am not exagerating on the 100.

Also, the gofl carts. People have them decorated with blow ups on top. And everyone has Christmas lights. Everything is just extreme here. For example, the golf cart we followed around some tonight, had a foam machine on top so foam was shooting out the back as it drove down the road.

Around 8:30ish we headed back to Magic Kingdom. The boat was crowded because the Hoop Do Doo Revue just let out, but we managed to snag a seat on the second boat. Then the crowds were crazy at Magic, but at least everyone was trying to leave.

Magic was open until 11 tonight. Our first stop was the Speedway followed by Buzz. We did watch a few videos, and I think that most of us earned our highest scores yet. Now, even though a lot of people were leaving, the lines were still a bit longish.

It was nearing 11 so we had some options-Anderson, Campbell, and Keaton went to Big Thunder, Graham, Robby, and Whitman went to Splash, and Reagan and I went to Small World. When those rides were over, the Big Thunder people rode their ride again while the rest of us met at Peter Pan and did that one.

By this time, it was well after 11 so we had to fight the crowds to get back to the camper. When we did get back, the kids were pretty tired so it was lights out pretty soon. I actually have no idea what time it is now since my computer clock says 9:55. I know we are nearing 1 though-maybe.

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