December 22, 2022

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  • Yesterday was a big day for Campbell, but today was also a big day for her. Campbell and I left around 7:25 this morning. We hurried to the orthodontist office-Campbell kept telling me that we were going to be early, but I reminded her that we had some place to be at 10 and 2 appointments to go so we needed to be early.
  • After almost a year and a half of braces, she had hers taken off today. Of course there was some confusion about all of that since my orthodontist's office didn't communicate with my dentist. However, they had all of that sorted out after awhile and things moved smoothly. 
  • Cambpell's braces came off, her teeth were polished, xrays and pictures were taken, and a retainer was given. It was 9:20 when we finished there, and I zoomed to the dentist office for appointment number two.
  • Campbell went in and they started the process of fixing her tiny tooth. Robby sent the other kids to Traci's house and headed to meet me. By the time that I almost made it to the gingerbread party, Campbell was finished.
  • I did some back tracking and had time to buy Campbell a drink while I waited on Robby to drop her off to me. He headed on to Costco while we arrived just about 35 minutes late to the annual gingerbread party.
  • The party was changed today becuase of the weather so there were about 30 less friends there. However, it was still a housefull. It worked our super well-though when I did drive up Graham was already putting his and Whitman's houses in the car. Those boys didn't take long to make their house at all.
  • Now Keaton and Reagan took a good while longer working on their house. Anderson was also at the table with all of the high school girls so he obviously was in no hurry to finish his house. And yes my pictures that I took of Whitman and Graham are of them holding houses that are not their own. Graham thought this was incredibly dishonest, however, I told him in 2 years we would not know it at all and I needed a picture.
  • After the party, I tried to help clean up and then came home to clean up here. It is more fun cleaning at someone else's house for sure. It didn't take too long to straighten this place up, and then I started reading a little bit. 
  • Of course I eventually did have a nap, but it was hard since Campbell, Keaton and Whitman were running in and out of the house because of the snow that was falling. It didn't snow too much, and the much anticipated cold weather is cold, but the roads weren't too bad tonight when we went to the Wilson's house.
  • We ate supper, played a game and watched a movie so it was a pretty great evening. One we made it home we read a few Jesse trees before putting the kids in bed. To be honest, "putting the kids in bed" these days just consists of us getting their laundry and dishes, saying a prayer and us going to bed ourselves.

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