December 16, 2022

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  • If you were wondering, Bentley did great last night and never made a peep in her kennel. We slept great, but I sure wasn't up with the sun. That was fine though because after working all the day long, most of my list has been accomplished-well, what wasn't done today, I just moved to tomorrow's list.
  • I had to wake up most everyone except for Reagan. She had to be at work at 10 so she had to rise early-for her at least. It was a long day for her. I think that she was busy editing Santa pictures all the day long.
  • The rest of us did school around here. I did figure out that we only have 3 chapters left in sceince so at least the end is in sight there. History-just abour 300 pages left so we are no where near done. 
  • After we worked together, I had Campbell, Keaton and Whitman help me get things ready for Sunday. They can really help me when they are interested in what I am doing.
  • I even had the girls wrap some presents for me this afternoon. Wrapping is one of my least favorite things-and after observing Campbell and Keaton: Campbell isn't too big on wrapping either, but Keaton does enjoy it.
  • Late this afternoon, Campbell and Keaton went with me to meet Robby to get gas before running a few errands. Robby also picked up the grocery order, but after it was made I thought of something else that I needed. Unfortunately, they were out of it at Walmart-urgh! That made me a little bit crazy. Thnakfully, when we got home I found out that I really didn't need that ingredient after all. So right now I only have to go back to the grocery store tomorrow for one item.
  • When we came home, Robby had supper ready for us. It was orange chicken which is a Dennie family favorite. After we ate, everyone talked about ornament, we read two Jesse tree devotionals and pulled Santa. 
  • Currently, I am snuggled under a blanket trying to decide if I want to watch a second move when this is done or read some of my book-or even take a nap!

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