Christmas Ornament Countdown 2022: 2 Days Until Christmas

We have been to Hershey, Pennsylvania a few times. This was the first time that we camped there, and the first time that we were able to go to the theme park. It was a super neat campground which we enjoyed. The theme park wasn't magical like Disney, but it was pretty fun-especially since we bought the meal plan. The kids went from roller coster to roller coaster, while Robby and I went from food place to food place trying to maximize our meal plan.

The Hershey store is a huge place containing lots of chocolate things to eat, buy and even a ride. The highlight of this visit was when an associate approached us asking if we wanted to try a new candy bar and rate it. There was only enough room for the kids to do this, but they loved this. It was memorable for sure. This is the link for that's days post.

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