December 11, 2022-Disney in December

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Let's start on one of the things that I forgot to mention last night. Reagan and Keaton were out driving, and when they came back, Keaton was kind of acting funny. We had asked where they went, and Keaton said, "Reagan can tell you." 

So we asked, and Reagan told us that she picked up some hitchhikers. Yep, thankfully, we are on gated Disney property and she was just driving a golf cart. We did discuss how normally we shouldn't pick up hitchhikers. 

In Reagan's defense, she said that they were old so she was doing a good deed. She told us all about them so I guess they had a pretty good conversation on their 2 minute drive. I am sure that Keaton was weirded out though for sure.

This morning Robby and I woke up right before 7 so we could snag tickets to ride the new Epcot ride. We again used the boys' phones and while trying with 3 phones plus mine watching the government time, we were able to get tickets. (Our second time this trip and we are going to try again in the morning.)

We managed to get an earlier boarding group today, so we left the camper around noon. Now, there wasn't a lot that happened before noon around here. We were moving quite slowly which was perfectly fine. We have hit the parks early and hard for quite a few mornings so it is certainly ok to relax and turn this into a vacation and not a marathon.

That is a luxury that you can do when you do have passes. Otherwise, we would have to be hitting things much harder. I am glad that the kids are so easy going-everyone enjoys the parks, but they also enjoy the campground so whatever we suggest is fine (most of the time.)

At Epcot, we rode Guardians which is Anderson and Graham's new favorite ride at Disney. It is indeed pretty good. Robby had actually been doing some reading-there is a reason that the trash cans don't have lids at the end of the ride. Yep, I can believe that for sure. I probably could actually get sick on that ride, but I try to focus on the laughter and scream of delight during the ride so I don't completely panic.

After the ride, Keaton and Whitman rode the spinny space ride. Then half of us walked and half of us rode the little boat to France. There we bought ourselves 4 bagguets and made some sandwiches. Most people probably don't bring in ham, turkey, 4 different types of cheeses, peanut butter, mustard, ChickFilA sauce and jelly into the park-but we did. The bagguets are good, but by the time I was done, my jaw was sore from all of that chewing.

Next up was the Beauty and the Beast Sing a long-this is a fun one for me. I didn't snooze during it at all, and the kids have been singing the songs for the rest of the day. We did ride Spaceship Earth on the way out today. For some reason, Whitman really enjoys this ride. I don't mind it either-since I went sound to sleep on it. Seriously, I was pretty impressed with myself sleeping through that whole thing.

Then it was back to the campsite. Today was a super dreary day-it was cloudy and chilly (high 60s). We still did some bike riding and cart looping this afternoon. Around 7, we left to go to Hollywood Studios. We so enjoy just popping into the parks-this time we rode Toy Story Mania along with the new Mickey and Minnie's Railway ride.

By this time, it was 9:30, and we quickly made it to Disney Springs. Tonight we had the big birthday supper at House of Blues. Most of the time when Robby and I eat out, we leave saying "well, we don't have to do that again." And that is what we would also say for this place. The only really redeeming part of the meal was the server not charging us for drinks and they had a passholder discount. 

In all honesty, it was decent. The kids enjoyed eating out, but Robby and I decided that we both really prefer snacky food more than we like a big meal. Keaton and Whitman had pizza, Campbell had bbq nachos, Reagan had pasta and so did Robby and I (we split ours), Anderson had a burger and Graham had fried chicken.

It was around 11 when we finished our supper. Our parking spot was wonderful, so we quickly made it back to the car. When we got back to the campsite, Robby started taking the lights and tent down. This made me incredibly sad. We have had a lot of trips lately, but this one has been one of the absolute best. We still have a full day tomorrow, so who knows where all we will end up.

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