December 4, 2022-Disney in December

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We went to bed not early last night, but about the normal time for us. It was nearing 1 or possibly 2. That was fine, but I am not too sure that I slept very well. When I woke up my phone was on the charger but had not charge, and the side of my nose is so sore like I banged my face sometime during the night. I am not really sure what all happened last night, but when my alarm did wake me up this morning, I wasn't that crazy about getting up.

Robby was already awake and in the shower when my alarm did ring this morning. Bentley was already in bed with us. I did the dishes before taking my shower. Then there was laundry and at least 4 trips to the camper putting last minute things up.

By 8:40 we were on our way to church-we left much earlier than usual since we were in the camper. It didn't take us long to arrive and park. Robby set up the kennel to put Bentley up, and we all headed in the church house.

Reagan had spent the night at Kennedy's house so she arrived at church after us. After Sunday school, the kids were all downstairs so I would assume that they were ready to go as well. We usually have to wait on them or even call them when it is time to leave church. I gathered all of their Bibles to put them in my Sunday school cabinet so we didn't have to cart them across country.

We drove for about an hour before I got up to make lunch. We all had sandwiches today: 2 grilled cheeses (one with colby jack and one with American), 2 ham sandiches (one with swiss and one with colby jack), 1 half ham sandwich, 1 turkey sandwich, and 2 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. This does use one whole loaf of our bread (my sandwich was on the heels) plus we finished off one and a half bags of chips.

So when we did stop for gas in Olive Branch, I ran into the Kroger while Robby was pumping gas. I just bought one loaf of bread but wondered if I should buy more. I am back to my 4 loaves which i started out with now. I think that our sandwich eating will slow down some possibly.

The kids were all in decent spirits today and fairly sleepy-Cambpell and Graham slept the longest. Keaton and Reagan also slept. Anderson and Whitman don't usually sleep while we are traveling. Our next stop was at Buccees.

We all ran in to the gas station. Graham bought pretzels, Reagan found dried mangos, Anderson found a cinnamon roll for tomorrow's breakfast. Robby bought kolaches for his breakfast while I got a scone. Keaton, Campbell and Whitman all had icees. 

There was also one quick project before we hit the road. The mud flap was coming off-so Robby took it all the way off. He had been hearing something plus this is what we think caused our blow out last year. Anderson helped and it didn't take them anytime at all. 

As we pulled out from the gas station, we had manicotti in the oven. It shoud have taken about 30 minutes, but I think that it was still a bit frozen so we had to wait 50 minutes to eat. There was also bread so this was a favorite meal of all the peaople.

Our next stop was going to be the next Buccees, but we opted for a gas station on our side of the interstate. We hated to miss a Buccees but since we weren't planning on going in it was fine. While we were getting gas, everyone found their pajamas and made beds.

Currently, we have about 90 minutes left to drive. The kids are quite in their beds, and Robby and I are listening to a book on tape. 

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