December 14, 2022-Disney in December

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Most kids were asleep last night when we stopped, and everyone was asleep this morning at 7 when we took off again. It was really more like 6:30 when Robby did get up and drive us to the gas station. I also think that most everyone slept until we were almost in Arkansas and a few people even had naps during the last little bit of the drive. I think that my kiddos were pretty tired.

As soon as we did make it home, everyone started to work on unloading the camper. Some trips we have to take everything in, and others we don't have to take as much in. This was a "take everything out" kind of trip. We aren't going to use the camper in a bit so that meant that all of the food needed to go in, not just the unopened food. Plus since it is about to be wintery, that means that I need to take out anything that could freeze (but I didn't get around to that part today.)

The kids were good and helped, but soon there were just a few loads for me to deal with. I kind of have a system-I bring a load out, put it away, put away something in the kitchen, put away something in the mudroom (things seem to get piled up in the kitchen and mudroom), do something with the laundry, and then head back out to get another load. Of course this takes me forever to just really accomplish one goal, but when I am done in the camper, then usually the house is decent-ish.

Around 3, I was finished with everything that I could do in the camper and came inside for my shower. I continued to work on the laundry-I have done at least 5 loads since we have been home. At 5ish tonight, we left for Wednesday night church.

This is the last night before Christmas bread, and this is why we came home a half day early. Now, coming home a half day early was really more like having to come home a whole day early. I am glad that the kids love church, but ugh-we also love Disney. 

We really had the best trip. The weather was perfect, and we had so much fun at the park and at the campground. The kids really enjoyed themselves. We would go back tomorrow if that was an option for sure. 

Tonight at church was super hectic for our little group-cookies and ornament making and singing. We barely were able to get it all finished. I guess that is good because it was soon over. We made air fryer pizzas when we came home.

Before everyone did go to bed, we all did 2 of our Jesse tree devotional, pulled 10 Santas and guessed 1 ornament-there is just a lot to do at Christmas time. And in just a little bit, I will have to have some one hide the 3 wisemen.

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