December 8, 2022-Disney in December

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This was a different day-instead of going to the parks early in the morning and late in the evening, we went in the afternoon. At 7 this morning, Robby grabbed the boys' phones plus ours, and we were able to snag reservations for the new Gaurdians of the Galaxy ride at Epcot. This was the first time that we were able to get the reservation on our first try (can try at 7 or at 2 and spots fill up within a second.)

Anderson's hone was the one that snagged the ride tickets for us. Robby then returned those phones, and we all went back soundly to sleep. It was a wonderful morning. I don't think that folks really stirred around here until about 10. It was wonderful-did I already say that? It was.

Everyone started getting up and having their breakfasts. Soon we were on golf cart rides-we did some looping looking for more stockings to put things in along with the answer the 3 more scavenger hunt clues (we just need 2 now.)

Even though we had just eaten breakfast, we then started on our lunches while looking at the phone watching our boarding group for our ride get closer. We left around 1 (maybe-I don't really remember) and went straight to Gaurdians of the Galaxy. 

That is one of the kids most favorite rides. All of the kids love it-I love it and I hate it. After this, Keaton and Whitman took my phone and heaed off to ride Mission Space. While they were there, the rest of us found a table, and Robby bought 2 more cookies (yes, we are buying 10 different cookies so we can get 2 for free-Dave Ramsey would not be proud.)

Then we walked to another spot and did the same thing-more cookies. This time we added some mousse and 2 cakes. Next we took a few pictures with Minnie and Pluto and rode the Figment ride before taking the boat to Morocco.

From there we walked the US Pavilion where we bought two more cookies, some catfish, a bbq sandwich, a hamburger with bbq on it and sushi. This sushi was not from the America area, but Reagan has been really wanting some. It was quite good actually. Though the bbq was delicious and not as scary as the sushi.

After this eating stop (yes, all we have done today, and really all week so far, is eat), we walked through the countries and left Epcot. Our original plan was to go on the Animal Kingdom, but by the time we made it to the car we decided that we would do that tomorrow night.

So tonight, we have walked a few loops with Bentley, watched the horse drawn sleigh rides go by, washed a load of laundry, rode bikes all around the campground, and filled up our drink cup.

The orginal plan was the see the electric light parade. However, this has been a day of changing plans. No one has minded though because Keaton even asked if we were going to have another day like today. Instead of watching the parade, Robby, Graham, Keaton and I rode the boat to Magic Kingdom, and then took the monorail to the Polynesian so we could eat some Dole Whip. From there we rode the boat back to Magic Kingdom and then took the bus back to the campground. 

The laundry is now folded and put away and everyone is in bed. Tomorrow is supposed to be our earliest morning so we all need some rest.

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