December 7, 2022-Disney in December

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We keep thinking that it is much later in our trip than it really is-this is just our second full day. We stayed in bed until the very last minute today. Robby went out to walk Bentley while I was making the rest of the kids' lunches. The first kiddo climbed out of bed around 7, and we left around 7:30 so we did pretty good on that front.

When people are getting ready there are just 2 areas to do this-by our bed or the bathroom. So in the mornings I am constantly saying "the bathroom is open" or "the back is open" trying to move people along. 

Today's morning park was Animal Kingdom. We decided to rope drop the Dinosaur ride. This is a ride that no one really rope drops, but all of the other big rides there we have done plenty of times. So to the Dinosaur ride we went.

Some rode it twice before we moved on to ride Everest. We all rode that ride twice before we then moved on to the raft ride. Keaton, Anderson and Reagan didn't ride becuase they wanted to be the ones to shoot the water at their brothers and sister. 

It was about 9:30 or maybe 10 when we were walking around Animal Kingdom trying to decide what we wanted to do next. One thing was certain-Whitman wanted an icee. He does get a Disney snack since he didn't get all of his alloted snacks last trip, but Robby offered him a 7-11 slushie later and that made him perfectly happy. 

I wanted to go to the bird show, but it was still an hour away so we went to It's Tough to Be a Bug. After watching that, we mosied on through the gift shop and headed to the car. It is pretty odd to be walking to the car when people are piling into the park. 

Part of me feels bad for leaving early, but then the other part doesn't. We were all pleased with what we had done and 7-11 was calling. Not only did we get slushies on the way home, Robby picked up Panda Express for our lunch. 

We did laugh because Disney prices kind of make you think everything else is cheap. We bought 6 drinks at 7-11 for what one icee at Disney costs. And the 40 dollars spent on lunch that all 8 of us ate with even some leftovers seemed almost free to the one box of fried rice at Disney that would have been 8 dollars. We had originally bought lunch with the plans of eating it along with some bbq from our favorite restaurant at the park. However, our different morning was fun (and really, Panda Express is one of my favorite restaurants.)

After lunch, the kids all took off. I really can't remember where everyone was-I do think that Whitman was the only one in the camper. Robby was outside working so I snuck in and went sound to sleep. I had left my phone with Robby and told him to wake me in 30 minutes, and soon Keaton was waking me up.

I soon headed off with Campbell, Keaton and Whitman in the goft cart looking for clues for a scavenger hunt around the fort. Anderson and Graham kept up with us on their bikes. We also looked for some more stockings to fill, but we didn't see any. There were also some scavenger hunt items found-a dog bone for Bentley and another Christmas ornament. 

Eventually this afternoon, Robby, Keaton and I went to Disney Springs for some quick shopping. All of the kids have a gift card to Disney, and she spent hers today. She didn't spend it at a Disney store, which was fine, but she was super pleased with her purchase. I also did a bit of Christmas shopping for one of the kids. 

Back at the camper, we started on our supper-tonight's supper was grilled sandwiches on chibatta bread. They were super delicious-pretty much everyone had different things on their sandwiches. Robby grilled himself some meat (whatever goes on a Philly cheesesteak) while most folks had cheese with ham or turkey. We had that along with mac and cheese so our smaller supper ended up being quite filling.

Then it was back to the parks. We parked at Hollywood and then rode the skyliner to Epcot. There we went in and walked to Canada where we bought a cookie-2 actually. It was a snickers cookie-it was probably good but it immediately gave me indigestion.

After eating our cookies and eating the little bowl of soupy roast on mashed potatoes that Robby bought (it has a fancier name than that), we walked to the Boardwalk. There we went into the hotel to look at their gingerbread house. The gingerbread house at the Grand Floridian is large enough that it also doubles as a store. This one was a let down-it looked like one that I might could make.

It was still fun exploring though. Then we walked on back to Hollywood which was about a mile. We entered the park, and they all did Rock n Roller coaster. I didn't do it since they were in the single ride line, and I like the ride enough to ride with my family but not enough to ride sitting by strangers.

After this, we high tailed it to the back of the park to ride Slinky Dog before the park closed at 9. We did that and then left the park. Back at the camper, some folks had showers, some folks drove the golf cart to the restaurant to fill our drink cup (even though we have plenty of drinks here-I guess ours are not that much fun.) Right now, everyone is in bed and I am the only one who needs to take a shower. Tomorrow might just be a slower day-slower than even today!

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