December 6, 2022-Disney in December

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The alarms did ring early for us this morning-6:30. The 6 hours of sleep was much better than the 4 hours of sleep the night before. Tonight will be another 6 hour night, and I didn't get my nap in today either. We are doing pretty fine with just the 6 hours of sleep, but I tell you the kids were sure hard to wake up this morning.

Robby an I were the first ones awake. He got ready and then I did. Next Robby took Bentley on a walk while I started making noise to wake everyone up. I would sing and hum and call people by name and tell how much time we had left and open and shut cabinets and turn lights on. None of that really worked well. 

Finally, Keaton was the first one to wake up. Whitman is the hardest to wake up-and he always is. Well, Anderson isn't too easy either. The problem with waking Whitman in the camper is that I can't reach him. I can talk to him, but I can't get my hand to him to start patting him or even pulling the blankets off of his head (how he sleeps).

We had wanted to leave at 7:30, and we were pulling out at 7:35 so that was definitely a win. Today we went to Magic Kingdom. Our rides were Space Mountain, Haunted Mansion, Splash Mountain, Pirates, and Big Thunder. 

Plus we went over to Tom Sawyer's Island for a little bit. This is what Whitman really wanted to do on this trip. We first all sat down and ate our lunches over there. Then the kids went off to play a game similar to hide and seek. They did this twice, and then they joined Robby and I as we walked around the island. 

By this time, there were quite a few folks at the park so we headed on our way. I did forget to mention that we did get some Dole whip to enjoy while we were there today. On our way back to the camper, Anderson, Graham, Campbell and Keaton went on the boat back to the campground while Robby, Graham, Reagan and I went to the Wilderness Lodge on their boat.

We did some exploring at the Lodge-and by exploring I mean eating. Graham and Reagan split a mousse while Robby and I ate a massive bear claw. The fire alarms were being tested while we were there so it was interesting for sure-they just kept beeping over and over again.

It didn't take long for us to take the bus back to the campground, and Anderson came to pick us up in the golf cart. The rest of the afternoon was spent driving around, filling stockings (like I'm almost out of what I have brought to put in stockings), refilling our cup full of coke by the pool, bike riding and vegging.

Before supper, we did a load of laundry. Supper consisted of chicken enchiladas, which Reagan and Anderson did not like at all. They aren't fans of mushy things. While we were eating, the girls saw a post on the scavenger hunt page saying that they were giving out a backpack.

We were on it-we drove to the site in the cart. Then they had to sing the 12 Days of Christmas song to earn the backpack. They did this, and soon they were taking turns while carting that bag throughout Epcot. How fun! Later in the evening, Whitman went back, but he just claimed a trading pin and was happy with that gift.

At Epcot, some of the kids rode Test Track in the single ride line. Then we stopped to have a gingerbread cookie which is part of the cookie stroll. (Cookie stroll-buy 5 cookies from around Epcot and get one for free.) Next we rode the Mexico boat ride and Frozen. By this time, it was nearly park closing so we could go to Soaring or just go back to the camper.

The kids didn't care, so we headed back to the camper. Reagan had her shower earlier today, but everyone else took theirs tonight-most in the bathhouse. Then Robby and I had a walk while Keaton and Campbell donned headlamps and did some bike riding. It is 11:15 and I am going to take my shower before falling sound asleep.

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