December 24, 2022-Christmas Eve!

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  • When our garage door went up in the middle of the night (some would even say morning), Reagan was the only one awake. She was a bit concerend when she saw on her phone and that garage did go up, but she wasn't worried enough that she woke one of us up. 
  • Needless to say, she was probably the latest sleeper since she was up at the crack of dawn. (Robby worked some on the door so we should be good now-hopefully). No one was really up early. I had read 100 pages of my book before I decided I shoul get up and be productive. 
  • And really, I didn't see anyone else until I text around noon asking what Sonic drinks the kids wanted. Each year their stockings overflow into Sonic drink containers, and so far I only had 4. Thankfully, Sonic is just right down the road.
  • Keaton took the ordes for me while Campbell quickly got ready so she could go with me. We ran up there and home in no time.
  • Before I had given Bentley a bath this morning, I had taken a shower myself, but this afternoon I got chilly so I had myself another shower. This time though I had to set my timer since I only had 10 minutes before we had to leave for the Christmas Eve service.
  • The service was pretty packed. It is always nice to see the church house full. I quickly get a bit teary eyed tonight when I realized that this was Keaton's last year to go down to the front with all of the other kdis. Next year she will be in the youth group and to big for that.
  • This year though during the kids thing, I did snow. That was pretty cool, and I can say that was the first time that I have ever seen snow in the sanctuary.
  • After the Silent Night and candles filling the room, we headed to Nonna and Pops' house for supper. They had quite the spread. Supper was delicious, and Nonna had made plenty of desserts along with a few pies. 
  • We did take the customary pictures in front of Nonna's tree before we had our supper-Graham was so anxious to take the pictures so he could change into his comfy clothes. By the time that we did open the presents most all of the kids were in their pajamas or comfy clothes.
  • I will say that everyone racked up on presents this year. Robby got more headlamps (he loves his first set) along with a car jumper thing. I had work gloves, clothes and tennis shoes. Reagan's favorite present would probably be her jeans. I think that Anderson really liked his 20 Questions game becuase we played it after we opened presents. Graham liked his xbox game the most probably. Cambpell opened a neat jacket that she is anxious to wear. Keaton's favorite was her packing cubes, and Whitman's favorite gift is a trip to Dave and Busters soon.
  • Once presents were opened and cleaned up, we did play the 20 questions game. Anderson was the big winner. After tracking Santa we headed home-the map said he was in Memphis. Though if he truly was in Memphis, we have missed him by now,
  • At home, we threw our reindeer food onto the roof. We didn't do a great job at this because it is still cold out there. Then it was inside to read our last 2 Jesse trees-I thougth we would never get caught up with those, but we surprisingly did. And finally, we had our customary pictures in front of our Christmas tree.
  • Whitman has put on his new pajamas, laid out his new blanket and played with his new game. Reagan has plugged up her air freshener while Graham and Anderson have already put their xbox gift cards on their xbox accounts.
  • Now, we just have to wait awhile before going to bed-I have to pull out all of the presents plus put some breakfast in the crockpot!

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