December 25, 2022-Merry Christmas!

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  • We had told the kids that we would open presents sometime between 8 and 8:30 this morning. My alarm went off before 8, and I could eventually hear people awake, but they weren't acting too crazy. I remember the mornings of Christmases long ago when the people were up early!
  • When I did go upstairs this morning to give everyone a head's up (I have a few people that like to make sure they are ready), Campbell was quick to tell me that some of her friends had already posted what they had received at like 6 in the morning. She seemed a bit shocked by this fact-she was still laying comfortably in her bed. 
  • It was closer to 8:30 when the kids did come down the stairs. This year seemedlike we did have less things to open, but then again I am not sure.
  • Of course the stockings were packed full and overflowing into the Sonic boxes. Some kids even had things that didn't fit into their boxes. Buying for their stockings are my absolute favorite things while I feel completely incompetent on their other gifts.
  • Here is a run down of what the kids received: Reagan-cash wrapped in a ramen noodle package, some cosmetics with a certificate to a behind the scenes tour at Disney and a Harry Styles magazine. Anderson also received cash along with a behind the scened tour at Disney, Funko pops and an xboxgame, Graham had some cash as well plus a Dallas Cowboys shirt and tickets to a game along with a basketball, Campbell had gone shopping with me so she had a box of clothes, shoes and ?. Keaton recevied cooking camp, some baking supplies, shoes and a resin kit. Whitman also will get to go to cooking camp, and opened some baking supplies, a Funko pop, game and a CrunchLabs box.
  • I had quite a few things under the tree-jellies, leggings, socks, candles, a calendar while Robby had a coat and towels that he had bought for himself. He never let me know what he wanted so he will just have to buy his gifts later! 
  • Now Bentley had a ton of gifts as well-a blanket, a football, balls, treats-you name it, she got it. And everyone had lots of candy in their stockings and from their siblings. I would have to say that it was a very Merry Christmas around here.
  • Jason was the first to arrive for breakfast, but all of the grandparents were here soon afterwards. We had the house mostly straight, and breakfast was already ready. I had made an egg casserole in the crock pot last night. It was good, and we enjoyed it, but we won't add it to our collection of keepable recipes. 
  • And of course in Dennie family tradition-we had monkey bread. That is one of the things that the kids look forward to on Christmas morning. The kids showed everyone their presents before we ate.
  • After everyone finished breakfast and then left, I played a few games-Whitman's Cover Your Assetts game and Keaton's Taco, Cat, Goat, Cheese, Pizza game. Then it was time to head to Dana's house for our Christmas lunch.
  • She had chilis which were delicious plus some dips which always make me happy. We stayed a while visiting. Keaton brought her new game which they played. We took a few pictures before we left, and then headed home to take down the Christmas tree.
  • Yep, we haven't taken the tree down in a few Christmas days, but today we did. It didn't take long at all. We did make the kids work, but in about an hour they were finished, and we were just cleaning up. It truly feels so nice having all of that gone-of course my house feels incredibly empty which I love.
  • I finished my book tonight, and then heated up our supper. We had all kinds of soups tonight-tomato basil, baked potato, and chicken tortilla. (They were from Costco so don't be impressed. I did make cornbread though). 
  • After we all ate, we played Anderson's 20 Questions game. Reagan was the big winner tonight becuase she was able to guess someone on the very first clue. While we were playing the game, Bentely was upstairs having a feast of beef jerky. (I think that the bad was already empty.) I guess she was having her Christmas snack.
  • Right now, Robby and I are sitting on the couch, and I guess I am going to watch a Christmas movie or start a new book or maybe drink some hot chocolate or cider. So many options on this Christmas evening.

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