Christmas Ornament Countdown 2022: 12 Days Until Christmas

This ornament about caused me to lose my mind. As I was preparing my ornament countdown, I could see that this ornament from 2021 had not been spotlighted, so I set out to find it. I was pretty sure that it wasn't on any of the trees so I headed to the attic. There I went through all of my ornament boxes without any luck. It is dark up in that attic plus it is a cramped, so I decided that I needed to slow down and go through them all again. I did finally find it-one my second look while looking through the very last box.

On our way to Michigan last year, we stopped in Indianapolis for a Festival of Trees at their Historical Society. It was quite the event and was lots of fun. There were trees decorated all kinds of ways including with postcards and even a ChickFilA tree. 

For registering early for this event, we were given this ornament with a cardinal on it. After a bit of research I now know that a cardinal is a symbol of beauty and warmth for the holiday season. Who knew? I sure didn't. Here is a link to that day's event in Indiana.

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