December 2, 2022

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  • I stayed in bed as long as I could this morning. Robby agreed to stay in the bed to, but he eventually had to get up and go do some work. I quickly knocked out my morning must dos before moving on to making my lists for the next few weeks.
  • We ran to pick up Keaton around noon. Robby and I had worked on filling the camper with food. It is filled-more food in the camper right now than in the house. 
  • After picking up Keaton, we ran to ChickFila for them and Chipotle for us. Then it was some speed shoppping at Kroger. I had a huge list, and we managed to mark quite a few things off. Now, we still have to go to Walmart, Sams and Costco tomorrow to buy a few things for the trip.
  • Once we were back at home, I quickly made some chili. Then we headed out to Defy with everyone but Reagan. She had gone to work today. I think that they all really enjoy Defy-while we were there, I worked on some of my lists some more and read my book.
  • After jumping, we finished up the camper work and ate our supper. It was a new chili recipe but most folks did like it. 
  • Right now, Campbell is making no bake chocolate cookies and Keaton is making snickerdoodle cookies in the kitchen and I am trying to hide.

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