December 9, 2022-Disney in December

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I don't remember this morning becuase there is no tired like Disney tired! Well, not all of that is a true statement-I do kind of remember this morning, but yes, there is no tired like Disney tired. I did have another nap this afternoon so I am not completely exhausted right now.

This was our earliest morning to leave the camper: 7:15. Robby is usually the one who is awake before me and is usually in the bathroom when my alarm starts ringing. Today, I was the one that had to stir him. The kids had less than the usual 30 minutes today, but we did manage to leave right on time.

Today's park was Hollywood Studios. The ride that we were going for this morning was Tower of Terror. Campbell abhors that ride, so she took my phone and headed off to ride Slinky Dog. She had a long line to wait in which was fine, but we didn't have a line at all to wait in since our ride was shut down.

We went on to Rock N Roller Coaster and rode that ride, and then went to meet Cambpell. We saw the line for Toy Story and jumped in it. Campbell then finished her ride, and then she had to pass all of the people in the line to catch up with us. (If you are keeping count: Anderson was the big winner on that ride today while Reagan was the other day when we rode it.)

After Toy Story, we went back to Tower. Robby and Campbell went to the Frozen show while the rest of us waited in a "105 minute wait" line for Tower of Terror. Thankfully our wait was just at 60 minutes so we soon joined Robby and Campbell.

We had some snacks and some kids had ice cream. We were going to go to a Beauty and the Beast show, but the first one was cancelled so we headed out of the park. We went to have ourselves a feast at Sams. Pizzas, pizza pretzels, pretzels, churros, ice cream and drinks-all of 20 dollars. Of course the 9 dollar sundae Robby had bought earlier in the day looked just about as good as the 1.50 one he bought at Sams. 

After doing a bit of shopping at Sams, we then headed back to the camper. This afternoon people took Bentley to the dog park about 7 different times. We have debated and discussed if this is the best loop or what a better loop might be-but for Bentley, she loves this loop. We are right by the dog park. 

She is loving it! The dog loves playing with the other dogs. She is worn completely out though-right now she can not keep her eyes open. Bentley wasn't the only one playing with other-on the way to the pool, Whitman saw an organized game of dodgeball so he joined them. Keaton and Graham also joined us when they came along on their bikes.

This trip we just rented one golf cart. That has been just fine since the kids are sure getting the use out of their bikes. They are riding everywhere. Now, they love the golf cart but when it isn't there or when they want a bit more independence, then they are off on their bikes. They are using them much more than they did the last time that we were here.

After dodgeball, Whitman went to the pool where I stayed with him until he was finished swimming. Robby joined us and read some of his book. This afternoon there was more stocking filling, pin trading and Christmas light looping happening as well. 

Around 5:30 we left for Animal Kingdom. We hustled there to ride Everest and then some folks rode the river ride. When they finished this, it was 6:50. The park closed at 7 and we had to walk just about forever to make it to Avatar before the park was closed.

We jumped in line at 6:57 with 3 minutes to spare. The line was long, but it was no where near the 130 that the sign said. We were leaving the park after riding the ride by 8:20. Then it was back to the camper for supper-meatballs and mashed potatoes. 

When we cleaned up from this, Graham, Keaton, Whitman, Campbell, Robby and I went to the dock to watch the Electrical Light Parade along with the fireworks from the Magic Kingdom. Then it was back to the camper to take lunch orders and get everyone in bed-tomorrow is one of our last early days.

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