December 13, 2022-Disney in December and Happy 16th Birthday Anderson!

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This morning was early-Magic Kingdom opened at 7:30. We didn't quite make it there before they opened, but we were on the boat over when it did open. This meant that we were all awake by 6:40, and I can tell it right now. Anderson, Whitman, Keaton and Campbell were already sound asleep before we stopped tonight.

Since this was Anderson's 16th birthday, and since we rode Space Mountain at midnight when he turned 13, we certainly headed straight there. The line was so short that Keaton and Campbell rode it again. While they were doing this, the other kids went to Buzz Lightyear. This is where Anderson also joined the ranks of Graham by getting a perfect score on the ride. He too received a sticker and became a Galactic Ranger. Thankfully for Anderson, the person giving out the sticker did not make him take the pledge to defent to galaxy to infinity and beyond.

We all then did the Buzz ride again, and this time Robby joined the big boys by also becoming a galactic ranger. We then walked across the park to ride Splash Mountain which will be closed and rethemed for a very long time starting in January. Then it was one quick ride on Big Thunder before riding the Jingle Cruise.

We ended our perfect Magic Kingdom morning with Dole Whip. Then we hurried back to the boat. We needed to check out of the campsite by 11. We were as ready as we could be, but we had to work fast. Anderson and Graham helped load the bikes while the others took Bentley to the dog park. 

Then as people came back, we zoomed out of our site just a few minutes late. Anderson and Graham stayed back at the campground in the golf cart while the rest of us went to meet the golf cart man. Robby then had to go back to the campground, in the golf cart man's truck, to pick up the golf cart and the boys. (Yes, this is a hassle, but this also saves us half of what a Disney golf cart would cost so it is worth it.)

From there, we hit the road. We stopped once for gas while I ran into Sams to buy buns. Then there was another stop at Buccees where we bought bbq for supper. This is when we did stick the candles in Anderson's bun and properly sing to him. There was one more or possibly two more gas stops before we made it almost to Tupelo at our stop for the night. 

It is about to start raining pretty good here, but my crew is pretty tired and probably won't notice. Today was a great day to end on-the crowds at Magic Kingdom were great. They were actually so great that I wish that we could have stayed all day long. 

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