Christmas Ornament Countdown 2022: 3 Days until Christmas

Disney is always a fun trip, and we were fortunate enough to be able to go twice this year. Our November trip was full of misty, dreary weather with even a hurricane which was certainly an adventure, but our December trip not only had perfect weather, but it was also just perfect.

The Fort Wilderness Campground is an amazing place and especially around Christmas. The sites are decorated (think 100s of blowups in each site), the golf carts are decorated (think bubble machines on top of golf carts), and the people are festive (think giving out nice presents to strangers). 

All year long the campground has a Facebook page where people are hiding things for other guests to find. Keaton and Campbell so enjoyed this and that is where this ornament came from. They found this ornament on one of our first days there which saved me some money so I didn't have to buy another ornament for this trip! 

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