December 26, 2022-Dennie Family Circle

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  • Again I was the first one awake this morning. I did start on the laundry first-I hadn't folded any clothes yesterday so I had a little bit to do. Soon I turned on the music and started opening the kids' doors to start waking everyone up.
  • Actually, Campbell and Keaton were awake before me-at least they were out of bed before me. They had migrated to the bonus room so they could get ready for the day over there. They had laid out their clothes and make up things the night before so everything would be ready for them.
  • I had two main goals today-put away two Christmas presents and deal with the new towels. So before we left to go to Grannymom's house today I had washed all of the towels in the house that we were being used (two loads) and brought all of the other towels in the house downstairs to our bedroom.
  • This task took longer than I thought it would. Tonight I did go through the towels dividing them up between what I thought were good towels and what were not. As much as I like to throw things away, it is still kind of hard to throw things away. I still may keep a few more than I had planned, but at least I will get rid of some.
  • Around 11, we headed to Grannymom and Grandpa's house for the Dennie family circle. We were all able to get together to celebrate Christmas. There were tons of snacky food which is my absolute favorite. 
  • The first activity was the game-there were 3 groups, and we each had a 100 piece puzzle to work. My group was the first one finished. Two reasons-I do believe that pretty much everyone on our team was good a puzzles. Some people can just see how to work puzzles better than others-I definitely can. And secondly, I do think that we had the easiest puzzle so that helped quite a bit.
  •  Aftewards, we opened presents-the kids all received some cash, a gift card and then a few other things-Reagan's favorite is a new to her camera, Anderson will be excited about his advent funko pops to open next year, Graham had new socks which he desperately needed, Campbell got a new soccer ball, Keaton received her much anticipated backpack, and Whitman got an m and m dispenser which he had wanted when we were in Florida (I didn't but it on the first trip and had to go back to Florida to get it.)
  • Grannymom had lunch as well so after presents were cleaned up we ate and visited. On the way home, we dropped Reagan off at the mall, and she hung out with her friend and her parents all afternoon and most of the evening.
  • The rest of us came home and unpacked. Then I had a nap before reading some. Right now I am going to heat up some spiced tea and watch a Christmas movie!

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