December 18, 2022

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  • We made it to church on time with all of our things-let's see, here is a run down: 8 Bibles, 20 gift bags for the kids in my class, 3 jars of spiced tea for the momma's that I forgot to give one to last night, 7 gifts to the girl teachers, 3 boxes of candy for the boys' teachers, 1 blanket for a dirty Santa in Campbell's grade, 2 plates of m and m cookies for Campbell and Graham's classes, plates, napkins, tablecloths, 2 games for my class, and 30 cupcakes. It was indeed a lot!
  • We made it back to the car with a lot less but also it seemed to be pretty much the same amount. It was still a load we were having to take back to the car, but when we did get home, putting everything away didn't take extemely too long.
  • First though was lunch at Grannymom's house. We visited for a while before we left to go and get the boys' haircuts. They all needed hair cuts and had for a long time. Everyone looked nice when they were done. 
  • While they were in the store, the girls and I ran into Target to pick up a few things-except 3 things taht we were looking for they did not have. I don't think I will ever be finished with my Christmas shopping this year. 
  • When we made it home, the boys loaded tables into the car while the girls unloaded church things from the car. Then we all worked on the laundry for a few minutes before Robby and I took a nap.
  • By the time that I woke up, Campbell was already off to Rock Creek. I then took Anderson and Graham to their life group, and Reagan went eat with a group from church. The Wilsons then came over for a few minutes before Shannon and I had to leave to go and pick up the boys.
  • Tomorrow is a busy day-and I promose that I'll take a few more picutres!

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