December 23, 2022

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  • This house was silent for a long while this morning. I think that maybe it was too cold outside for anyone to get out of their beds. It was warm and cozy, however, in our bedroom until we opened our bedroom door. Then it got pretty chilly in our room, and we vowed to stay under the covers as long as we could.
  • I finally had to get out of bed-I had already started a new book this morning and even had my breakfast in bed. After a few chores, I took Graham to buy a few gifts for his brothers and sisters. Then we went to Nonna's house to drop off some cookies. He text and made sure to ask Nonna for a quesadilla when we arrived.
  • When we came home, I went to work on wrapping a few more things. Later Keaton and Reagan helped finish up the last little bit of wrapping for this house. So I think that we are done with gifts around here-at least I hope that we are.
  • At one point, I did have a short afternoon nap before we headed out to Sams for a little bit. First, we stopped at Grannmom and Grandpa's house to drop off their cookies. I thought for sure we would find something to buy at Sams, but we didn't.
  • So after our non-shoppping, we stopped at On the Border. Keaton was the only one with us, and she enjoys our On the Border suppers. Robby and I split something, and Keaton had her regular as well. 
  • Back at home I made supper for the others. While we were eating, we did oru Christmas things-Jesse tree, pulling Santa and guessing Christmas ornaments. 
  • I am watching a Christmas movie right now and am wondering if I can stay awake to watch another one. Robby has been sitting watching my movie for about 2 minutes and is already asleep. It is pretty comfy on this couch-I might take myself a nap too (if my movie doesn't get any better.)

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