December 28, 2022-Quick Trip to the Liberty Bowl

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Most of the Dennies slept well last night though we had 3 that did not. Whitman's ear was bothering him last night, Campbell was stuffy and couldn't sleep well, and Robby's hotel bed was way too soft, and he woke up with a sore back. The rest of us did sleep incredibly well though!

Though I am a bit concerned about how I will sleep in the future. Robby laid on a mattress at IKEA and decided that he really liked it. I liked the the mattress was reasonably priced. However, the laying on the mattress felt like you were laying on a piece of plywood. Seriously, when they advertised it as "firm," they were not kidding at all.

The travelers woke up to dounuts which Robby had picked up. Then we headed to Walmart. Everyone enjoys looking at the Christmas clearance. We found it and bought quite a few things. We were impressed with what all they had left. 

Then we split up for Keaton to look for some lotion. While we were walkng to the lotion, we found the rest of the clearance. There was at least 6 aisles left of Christmas decorations. I had never seem so much leftover clearance from Christmas. I did love it, but we didn't really buy that much-tissue paper, wrapping paper, plates, blankets (Keaton and Campbell), shampoo (Keaton) and some candy. 

After Walmart, we went to Ikea-not we usually have to run through the end of Ikea but today we had quite a bit of time. Unfortunately, I couldn't really find anything that I needed. Now, we had some extra time there so while I was walking around and did find something that I want to buy later for the girls' room (we didn't have room in the car on this trip.)

Back at home, Reagan and Whitman slept in today. Then he spent the evening and night with Grannymom. Reagan went ice skating with her friends, went out to eat and then spent the night at a friend's house. So they both had a big day as well.

After leaving Ikea, we met Les who had tickets for us. Thne it was on to the Liberty Bowl. Robby and I have been to a few bowl games-and I am pretty sure that we have never won any bowl game that we have been to. We thought that today was going to be our day, and then we thought that today was again not going to be our day. Thankfully, it was our day, and Robby and I are no longer bad luck for the Hogs at bowl games.

We had good seats-on the Kansas side of the field. That was fine though since we were near a few other Hog fans. Most of them had been celebrating so much before the game that they were no longer sure what team they were cheering for though. 

The weather was decent during the game. I did vow that I will not be at any outdoor sporting events when the temperature is 45 degrees or less. It stayed around 50 and was just fine. Though even with my 2 pairs of socks, 2 pairs of pants, 2 shirts, sweatshirt, jacket, hat and gloves-I did get a little bit cold during the 3 overtimes.

Since we did have lunch at Freddys before the game, we didn't really want to go eat another hamburger on the way home. Since we were headed home about an hour and a half later (due to the overtime), we didn't have many choices.

Robby did think about pizza, and he had us some pizza ready to go for us on our way home. We were already well on our way by then and had stopped to potty, so that broke up the ride very well. Everyone ate and then Robby listened to some podcasts as we drove back over the river towards home. 

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