Christmas Ornament Countdown 2022: 5 Days until Christmas

This was one of those trips that you just have to make-to Waco to see all of the Chip and Joanna Gaines shops. It was as I expected-beautiful and overpriced. Now, I did come away with an ornament and a tshirt that I am even wearing right now. It has actually been my favorite shirt which I have definitely gotten my use out of. Oh, and the cupcakes-they were certainly wonderful as well. And I think that we even bought cookies. 

I probably would go back becuase it was a really fun trip-not only did the Wilsons come with us making it more fun, but there was a lot of good food-Mexican and bbq that I remember. And I guess that I would even return to the Silos to walk around looking at the pretty things and eating a cupcake. Here is the link to that post.

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